Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Treasure those Memories … part 1 …


Nothing like peregrinating … which I’m still doing after last week’s ‘new year’ … my brother’s card was ‘don’t count them (good thing) … just ‘Treasure those Memories’


… fortunately life comes to my rescue … as the G7 Summit 2020 is coming to Cornwall in June 2021 … and, of course!, they’ve chosen Carbis Bay … where I learnt the importance of enjoying life: not many clothes, with possibly a bucket and spade on that beach.



Penwith - the western end of Cornwall
(St Ives at top)
So be it … don’t get too agitated … that’s it really … but I thought I’d do a couple of (few) easy posts along treasuring memories about Cornwall and the Carbis Bay region.


My grandmother with her 2nd husband had a house on the road down to Carbis Bay beach … it’s about 2 miles outside St Ives – the picturesque seaside town that was my grandfather’s hometown … where his family had been a major force, before an accident killed him in the early 1920s.


Aged 2 1/2 perhaps?
So I have many memories of days spent in St Ives, of staying in Carbis Bay … and of seeing my father’s grandmother, (who was a Londoner) living opposite the Bed and Breakfast we stayed as kids for holidays.


Carbis Bay beach 21st C
 Those childhood holiday memories have been coaxed back to life … our history of where we began.  I’ll enlighten you a little in the coming posts … shortish but with some of my background … starting with today’s nakedness on Carbis Bay beach!


Tiny twisty lanes

I am somewhat worried about the decision to hold the Summit down there … do they know how tiny the lanes are?  Gridlock is coming … I suspect … and perhaps other things, especially if they haven’t sorted the fishing industry out by then

Idealised Great Western Railway
poster +/- 1920s

More Treasure those Memories to follow … it’s certainly bringing that era back into childhood focus … while knowing it’s where our maternal roots came from …


Hilary Melton-Butcher

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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Peregrinations …


Nothing like entering the 14th year of blogging, and a few decades with a few extra years of birthdays …


Christmas Narcissi - Cornish style daffodils
Peregrinations of a snail-like life … but the main thing all is well – just desperately slow to get going … there’s no rush – so why stress myself … a decent post will follow soon!!



Some great friends sent me some cash to enhance my meal options … nothing like a trip to Marks and Sparks for one of their dine-in meals … good choices they had available for me.


Extra prawns for my salad lunch

I have plenty to gobble down for a few meals … and I’m looking forward to lunch, and to this evening!!


My choices … I love Mediterranean meals, rather than a salad: that I’ll have for lunch, I selected some green veg … some extra prawns for some time … and then the citron tart – one piece eaten last night! 



Tonight I’ll enjoy the above or some parts of them … and the King Prawns chargrilled, chicken and chorizo Paella … with Arborio, saffron infused rice, red peppers and peas …



Variety of green veg with a zingy sauce
I have some Prosecco and a decent bottle of wine – so I will slump and just enjoy myself … not too much alcohol … but something depending what I feel like …


I managed to 
eat one piece
last night!

So that’s the start to an interesting birthday year … what will this coming year hold for blogging and life … a conundrum to ponder, without getting agitated about the future …



A word has come through from a local group – but it’s via the great medium of tv quizzes … and is most definitely appropriate for now … and our future … 


‘Respair’ = fresh hope and recovery from despair … a word we need to hold close to our hearts …



Snowy lady - in Canada

Well from a damp south coast … better than many of the snow-bound ones I’ve experienced … I shall wander along my lonely path …



… I am lucky as I have an optimistic and positive approach to life … and just look forward to whenever some form of normality occurs … in the meantime – stay safe, look after yourselves, and all the very best –



Virus adapted tulip ...
so pretty!

Today is St Hilary’s Day … and features heavily in our culture, as too my life … I remain true to my name …



Hilary Melton-Butcher

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Monday, 4 January 2021

Abdul Abulbul Amir … and snowy bullfinches …


Bullfinch cards were on sale at the Towner Art Gallery … so I bought some … for some reason they always remind me of my father and our romping sing songs we had very early in our lives …


Bullfinches card by
Allen W Seaby

… one of those songs was Abdul Abulbul Amir … but I always sang abdul abul la mer (or something similar!) … while the bullfinches always take me back to those times.


Cartoon of Ivan and Abdul
I guess I’d never seen how the name of the song was written – hence my never being able to remember it exactly … equally having now looked I don’t think I’ll bother – other than to remember the fun lyrics and the delightful tune.


Record cover in the 1920s

So my first post of 2021 is a simple romping ditty … with variations galore … Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar is another major player in the lyric …


I give you the 1927 Youtube recording by Fred Crumit … using a real record player … not so badly scratched after all these years.


Stephen Fry in the advert

 While I was down south, South Africa, a beer advertappeared x 3 … if you stay watching …



As you’ll have gathered … I’ve enjoyed listening to Abdul and Ivan rather more often than is necessary recently … they’ve been enlivening my listless brain as 2021 kicks in …


Bullfinch - England
Here’s the link if you want to find out more about, and read the lyrics, this “music-hall song” written in 1877 by Percy French, while at Trinity College, Dublin …



While Allen W Seaby is the artist with a lot of credentials to his name … for more see here …

All of the best for this year


To all of you – a Gentle New Year … as each day goes forward … one hopes towards peace and relief that we can venture out freely again …


Hilary Melton-Butcher

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