Friday, 21 June 2019

Towner Gallery Mural and Eastbourne Tennis preparations …

Suddenly this wonderful mural appears … marking the building’s tenth anniversary, when the new Towner art gallery opened.   

On the west side looking north towards the admin buildings
of Devonshire Park - painting still in progress

More views and details to follow.

Manor House in Gildredge Park

The collections had previously been housed in Manor Gardens … 

The Towner before the mural

... and were moved to their new home in this purpose built facility - adjacent to theatreland – a ball-boy’s throw to the seafront, and overlooking Devonshire Park …

Looking west - the Downs just visible in the background
(front of Congress Theatre and Welcome building - both
revamped this year; Eastbourne College (school) the white
building in the middle of the photo - part of their
new extensions visible here.

I’m showing some views of the preparations for the pre-Wimbledon tennis tournament -  that’s held here every year … with some annotations …

Taken from the school's wall - looking east ...
and back entrances to Theatre and Gallery

I met the Muralist from the London Mural Company, who was painting the design … 

Back of gallery and theatre - the mural is a wrap-around
(How they did it will be interesting to find out -
architecturally it's an interesting building

... and in two week’s there’s a talk by the artist/designer, so I’ll be giving you an update ...

Green green grass of home -
mowing preparations before Park
is transformed for the tennis

 … and letting you know some ‘funny’ stories that have come about …

Preparations almost ready - this was the 20th
(taken from the Art Gallery's cafe area)
The photos are mine – the professional ones of the Gallery I'll post shortly; we've had reasonable and good weather: interspersed this week with some mega storms - Wednesday we had over 1,000 lightning strikes – it was impressive!  Mind you I slept through most of it!

View towards seafront beyond the trees
(the south end of Carlisle Road ... I call the road diagonal alley)
I now hope the rain has left for Spain … and we have a beautiful three weeks of English lawn tennis … strawberries and cream, sunshine, as well as excellent sport …

Back of the theatre complex - listed buildings
 (far left the Victorian Devonshire Park and Winter Garden
with the modern Congress Theatre, 'against' which the
Towner Art Gallery was built ten years ago)

Have very happy 2019 summers everyone … on this the longest day of the year …

Hilary Melton-Butcher
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Friday, 14 June 2019

Write … Edit … Publish … Bloghop: Caged Bird …

That wasn’t … was it … surely he couldn’t know I was home … my stomach sunk … nope – I wasn’t going to answer the bell … but if he knew I was home – how could I avoid having to face him.

WEP Challenge for June 2019

I’d been to hell and back to get that restraining order … I’d been intimidated long enough, my child suffered as I did  - we lived in constant fear … but I thought those days were over, seemingly it wasn't to be until the authorities helped us to get new lives … what now …

There he stood … smirking – knowing I’d be in a heap inside … my stomach churning … then he demanded to see his (our) child – who I’d made sure was in the back-room and couldn’t hear … but I had no choice – he said he knew his child was here … how?


This happened time and again during the restraining order … and each time he seemed to know exactly what we’d been doing, what we watched on the tv, how we entertained ourselves …

Terror was coming over me – I really couldn’t handle this form of abuse any more … I just wanted to end everything – but what would happen to my child …

I was really struggling to stay in control of our day to day existence – I felt overwhelmed … waves of negativity flooded over and through me …

My estranged husband had always been coercive – he had isolated me from my family and my friends … at least now I could contact them – but … this abusive man still knew what was going on …

My heart was pumping … I needed to resolve this … someone suggested I meet with a domestic abuse charity …

Various smart appliances

… then I learnt all the horrors that he’d been perpetuating, and through a charity I was able to see how he’d been able to control us, even after the restraining order …

That was a few years ago – though the damage won’t leave me, I am coming to terms with life where my child and I can live in relative peace …

Domestic Violence kept me caged as a bird …

I read an article on the aspects of knowing your tech – hence ‘this story’ … as spying can occur through so many smart devices now-a-days … apps via phones can be linked to door bells, smart products (thermostats, home security cameras, tvs, domestic appliances, toys, that Echo thingie)  etc etc) … these open us all up to unprecedented levels of control and surveillance … be aware … be very aware, be aware for others too …

Hilary Melton-Butcher 
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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Courage, Commitment and Bravery … D-Day 2019

The moving commemorative events held this week on the 75th anniversary of D-Day … were only the start of the end ... 
50th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day 1995:
Lancaster Bomber dropping poppies in front
of Buckingham Palace

... it was another 11 months before Victory in Europe could be formally acknowledged, when Nazi Germany unconditionally surrendered its armed forces.

Military Cross
One hundred years ago today my father was born, twenty-five years later he was on shores of France … he fought for Britain, the free world, his life and for others to live … he was awarded the Military Cross …

… like many, my parents, did not talk about their Army experiences, but certainly their lives were affected, then they lived on with their families … until their time came.

Painted in the middle of the
Second World War
Navy, Air Force, Army personnel
depicted, but we must remember
all the others behind the scenes

I’m sure my family would endorse all elements of the 2019 D-Day Proclamation that ceremonially commits its 16 signatories:

“To work constructively as friends and allies to find common ground” even where their opinions differ and “to work together to resolve international tensions peacefully.”

The Proclamation was signed by:  

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the USA.

… and states:

"Over the last 75 years, our nations have stood up for peace in Europe and globally, for democracy, tolerance and the rule of law.

We re-commit today to those shared values because they support the stability and prosperity of our nations and our people.

We will work together as allies and friends to defend these freedoms whenever they are threatened."

Allied Invasion Force on D-Day 1944

I, on my own behalf, and everyone who reads this blog would encourage us all to be humble, remember what they were willing to give – we have to preserve this brave and courageous generation’s legacy of Peace and Freedom.

Let Us Not Forget ... 

I'd like to add a note to this post:  One thing I've learnt is - we need to understand history, the different peoples of this world, their culture and customs etc - before we go expecting others to be like us ...

Hilary Melton-Butcher
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