Friday, 23 March 2012

Dolce Via ... DreamCatcher ... World Story Telling Day was Tuesday!

Oh well – what’s a day or two between friends ... but stories – now that is another matter: you know what stories are all about .... and did I mention catching dreams, we love finding those.
DreamCatchers logo -
designed by JR

Three stories in World Story Telling Week ... two types of traveller following their dreams ... the writers and actors in “Dolce Via” a new play by Siobhan Nicholas and Chris Barnes of Take The Space (Theatre Group) ...

... and Melissa and JR who are pursuing their dream in an RV around the US of A .... Melissa is an author and photographer, while JR the artist will record their journey.

Poster for Hanging Hooke
You may remember Siobhan and her wonderful play “Hanging Hooke” – a genius betrayed? – and the glorious recovery of the Royal Society’s lost folio of Curated Experiments from the 1600s.

Dolce Via became her next play – a story of love and loss set in the bygone era of the Variety circuit - where actors, fire eaters, ventriloquists, musicians, mentalists and magicians ply the winding road of life in order to survive.

Barnum and Bailey
Circus Poster 1900
Chris Barnes draws upon the two years he spent in America working with Barnum and Bailey’s Circus – utilising the performance troupe’s skills learnt during that period – fire-eater, stilt walker, unicycle rider ...

Siobhan has created a tale of two Vaudevillians meeting along that twisting lane, then conjuring up an entertainment of variety with affection, a bold sense of fun and not a little courage – all characteristics required to survive life on the road.

Dolce Via poster
Dolce Via, the play, is dedicated to all journey men: clowns, poets, actors, musicians, storytellers and magicians, who throughout time have often lived on the fringes of society.  Siobhan and Chris bring life to her play – the Sweet Road ... reminding us of days gone by.

Then today those who dream of travelling the road, who set those wheels in motion – the DreamCatcher RV – JR and his missus.  (No, not that JR!) ...

Melissa Goodwin, who has authored the children’s book “The Christmas Village”, highly rated by her young readers, clamouring for the sequel – she’s writing away long into the night ... when she’s not packing ready for her journey.

Dick Secor – JR – teaches art, and draws (a professional acrylic painter and will be plein air painting along the way) – oh yes and drives – he can read too – he’s been reading up on the manuals for the RV and giving us statistics et al .... The RV is a 31 foot self-contained Class C 2012 Nexus RV – quite posh n’est pas?

They will be collecting their RV with a request that we join them on their adventure – they live in Santa Fe, Arizona they will collect their “van” from Elkhart, Indiana, return to Santa Fe to collect said luggage, then they’re off going to the East coast of the US and up into Canada starting very shortly.

JR suddenly had the wonderful idea for a logo on the back of the RV – a Dream Catcher .... so here is Claude, the owner of Nexus, hiding their real life logo, on their real life RV, which will take them on their dream catching adventure.  Dick and Melissa want the surprise of seeing their logo in situ – not via the photographic airwaves.

My third is the Canadian Guy Laliberte, the busker, itinerant street performer, entertainer, who on his return from travelling Europe, fell in with a part-time street performance troupe honing his skills. 

Before he returned to Canada, he slept on a Hyde Park bench in 1978 – opposite are the hotels he stays in now – and every time he is here in London, he takes a walk over Park Lane and into the Park ... ‘his bench’ though is no longer there.

Uni-cycle ad, circa 1900
In 1984 after his return, Quebec made available a grant of $1.3 million to put together a show as part of the celebrations surrounding the 450th anniversary of the French explorer Jacques Cartier’s landing in Canada.  Laliberte secured it, named the troupe Cirque du Soleil, and began touring ... a dream caught!

There are Dream Catchers in all of us – poets, playwrights, authors, artists, designers, actors and drivers ... we all dream to catch that special “je ne sais quoi” ... as we journeymen and women travel our paths of life.

Long may plays, books, paintings, street performances and all creative arts be honed, so that those following on behind can glean tips and tricks, ideas, that creative spirit, that dash of risk as we spread our webs to catch those dreams.

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow. 

     By Langston Hughes

To all of us A – ZChallengers – here comes April – and the only one who should know the answer to this question is Lee:  What is the collective for jugglers?  “A neverthriving” ... the rest of us should have a good laugh.

Here’s to DreamCatchers ... and I owe you some history that Dick supplied me with ... another day ...

Happy World Story Telling Days ahead ...

Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters Inspirational Stories 


  1. I have a few dreams I'm trying to catch...And I look forward to following Melissa along on her dream RV adventure.

  2. Melissa and I started following each other's blogs a while ago. I have been thinking of her today, but couldn't remember her name or the name of her blog. Just coming away from being sick, I guess is my excuse. So thank you so much for the writeup about her. She and her hubby are so great.

  3. I love that uni-cycle ad. I've always wanted to try and ride one. Probably safer if I don't. :)

    We all need dreams to catch!

    Have a great weekend, Hilary!

  4. Hooorah for Melissa, JR, their van and their many travelling adventures! Good for them! I love the DreamCatcher logo!

    Guess there are stories everywhere - how we get to them and how we create them and how we experience them, all add to the rich tapestry edging our paths in life! Take care

  5. I always look forward to your most informative post Hilary and today was no exception.
    Did you hear about the world biggest deck chair on Bournemouth beach EIGHT FEET TALL? what will they think of next?
    Thanks for your reassuring comments about eye floaters, mine happened on the morning I was flying home from Spain and was cautious of flying.
    Have a great week-end.


  6. @ Karen .. you certainly have a few dreams you're hauling in - you are doing so much and will succeed with your dream ..

    Yes Melissa and JR - their adventure sounds so much fun.

    @ Inger - so pleased that this post helped! I know you've been sick - and can only wish you a speedy recovery ... isn't it great to have an authoress/photographer and painter/driver setting out on their dream adventure ..

    @ Shirley - the uni-cycle .. now please just read the info .. because they are not the easiest to ride ..

    But you're so right - we all need dreams to catch ... cheers re the weekend - gorgeous weather isn't it?!

    @ Old Kity - Hooray exactly .. what a wonderful travel exclusive we'll be sharing with them .. I agree the DreamCatcher log is wonderful - that's why JR very kindly let me us his art work ...

    @ Yvonne - delighted you enjoyed this .. thank you. No I hadn't heard about the oldest and largest deck chair - that's some size - I agree.

    Great re the eye floaters .. I'm sure it worried you at the time - but am glad you feel easier now ..

    Karen, Inger, Shirley, Old Kitty and Yvonne - we have glorious weather here .. so Karen and Inger hope you have some wonderful Spring too!! Cheers Hilary

  7. I love the pictures Melissa has on her blog of the various sheep and bronzes! They are beautiful! Can't wait for the A-Z challenge.

  8. Wonderful post. Yes we must keep our dreams alive. And thats a nice story about circ de soleil.:)

  9. Thanks for the press time Hilary - we so look forward to our journey of several years around the USA and Canada. Lots of plein air painting for me to do and lots of photography and writing for Melissa to do.
    My first plein air paintings will be of the dunes and ocean on the coast of South Ccarolina come mid May.

  10. Love this idea, thanks so much for sharing the stories! I also did not know it was World Story Day - I will have to make up for it this weekend by reading some extra stories! :) I always love a good one!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  11. As a matter of interest, Hilary, my sinlaw Michael (link on my blog page) makes dreamcatchers. We have one of his in our apartment. He paints wonderful pictures as well of course.

  12. Didn't know Laliberté was a busker.

  13. Hilary, what a lovely surprise! You cracked me up. Look forward to sharing our journey and adventures with you and all who want to come along! Also look forward to working on my sequel to The Christmas Village - I've started and am chomping at the bit to keep going.

  14. I love dream catchers, and have made several of them. Not that I "believe in them", but I like the idea behind them, and the way they look. Great post, as always.

  15. Stories - how I love them. Thanks for reminding me of old known ones (La Dolce Vita) and others that are new. Your blog is a bouquet of stories.

  16. I learn so many amazing things from your blog, Hilary. It is so entertaining! I want to look up "Christmas Village"-sounds like something my daughter would enjoy. And well said at the end...that's one of my very favorite poems, too.

  17. What fascinating people, Hilary. Dreams make the seeming impossible, possible and entertain us.

    Enjoyed your post.

    Hope there is plenty of sunshine for you and that your mum's doing well this weekend for your visits.


  18. @ Clarissa - yes Melissa's pictures around Santa Fe before they leave are just great - the sheep are well touched up (obviously!) ..

    @ A Lady's Life - thank you - I didn't know the Circle du Soleil's history either - so that was a bonus finding ...

    @ Dick - good to see you - and your journey will inspire many of us I'm sure .. I am certainly looking forward to 'travelling with you' as you journey around. Looking forward to your South Carolina pictures in mid May .. before that good luck with all the preparations and ready, steady, go .... Happy times.

    @ Karen - I missed the actual day - they rush by now!! Enjoy your story reading .. new stories provide us with dreams .. and ideas to catch onto don't they ...

    @ Jo - so interesting that your family also make dream catchers, and they paint .. a talent I'd love to have .. I'll be over to link through - the Dream Catcher always reminds us doesn't it to look for our dreams.

    Glad the Laliberte info enlightened you - I had no idea of his background, and was so interested to read about the Circle du Soleil backstory.

    @ Melissa - lovely to see you - and delighted you enjoyed the read. I think there's a few of us going to enjoy your journey around the States - and see what you find, where you stop etc etc ...

    Good luck with The Christmas Village sequel - sounds as though you have a good audience already ..just enjoy the whole process - and we look forward to your wonderful photos ...

    @ Susan - I'd love to be artistic as I think I'd have followed you and made a few DreamCatchers ... they just seem to catch the imagination - and like you I love the idea behind them.

    @ Juliet - we all love stories don't we - and these just seemed to link together .. lovely description: "bouquet of stories" - thanks so much ...

    @ Scarlett - just love entertaining me ... as well as you all!! Good - Melissa will be delighted to know you're interested in her book ..

    .. the "Hold fast to Dreams" poem is beautiful isn't it ..

    @ Sia - aren't they: people with so much life to them - inspirational lives - they are following their dream. As you so rightly say - "dreams make the seeming impossible, possible and entertain us" - so true.

    Thanks Sia - there is plenty of sunshine at the moment, and my mother is as well as we can expect.

    So lovely to see you all - Clarissa, A Lady's Life, Dick, Karen, Jo, Melissa, Susan, Juliet, Scarlett and Sia -

    To you dreamcatchers all .. have a wonderful weekend .. lovely sunshine here - cheers Hilary

  19. This is all fascinating stuff. My dad's mother came from a circus family but we were never allowed to talk about it beause it was seen as somehow 'not quite nice'. Now I long to know more about my roots.

  20. Hello Hilary - I always see you around blogs and was delighted to see your fun guest post on the A to Z challenge site. I plan to do that this year, too and have already set aside some photos for it.

    Loved your fun ideas. :) And I can't wait for Melissa's journey to begin either.

  21. @ Anne - oh! you really must try and find out more - what an amazing family .. I can quite understand your frustration now. There'll be links back in the records .. some how somewhere .. gosh! I hope you get a chance to look them up.

    @ Lynn - thank you for coming by - I see your "eye" too .. and here's how the A - Z works .. pulling us together finally!

    Delighted you enjoyed the post - and yes Melissa and Dick's journey is going to be fun to follow ..

    Cheers Anne and Lynn .. enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  22. We can't give up on dreams. If we do our personal journey stops--then how sad.

    Another great post.

  23. I enjoy good travel writing and photography. I've done a little of it myself and hope to do more someday. Right now doesn't seem to be the time. So I'll go along vicariously for the journey.

  24. Thank you for introducing me to all these travelers, Hilary. I have a dream to visit Europe, but time keeps getting away from me. For now, I'm content with reading your lovely posts.

    Best wishes to your mother.

  25. @ Teresa - you're so right as it is our personal journey, and that is always moving .. DreamCatchers - catch each dream as they come along ..

    @ Richard - wonderful that you join me along my eclectic path into various disciplines and parts of the world .. delighted to have you as a companion ...

    @ Joylene - they're fun, hard-working travellers - I so admire Siobhan and her ability to write plays around historical figures .. teaches us so much, as well as entertains ..

    It'd be great to see you over here - one day I hope .. you can keep on hopping after seeing your grandchildren?! Then call on in on the way back ...

    Thanks so much re my Mama ...

    Cheers Teresa, Richard and Joylene - good to see you ... Hilary

  26. My dad took me to a Barnum and Bailey Circus when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Fun, fun!

  27. Hi Hilary,
    Ah to catch a dream and tell a story.
    And thanks for these tales. At the beginning of my daring adventure in England, my now former spouse and I, spent the night sleeping at Victoria Train Station.
    Oh, I'm so looking forward to doing my take on that 'challenge'. And I wonder if Lee is still 'Tossing it out'?
    Cheers Hilary and enjoy your Sunday :)

  28. Dream catchers is such a lovely name, all in itself, isn't it? And the dream catcher is a lovely object, too. (We have two hanging in our house.) May you catch many dreams with your A to Z. I will be watching from the sidelines to see what you come up with this time. Your last one was spectacular!

  29. @ Betsy - that must have been fun, we had a few visits too. I'd love to see the Circle du Soleil .. one day.

    @ Gary - yes to catch that dream, while you definitely have a story to tell (in due course). Victoria station (my station!) .. I doubt you could sleep there now?

    Glad you're joining us this year in the A -Z .. that will be very interesting .. Lee is definitely Tossing it out .. and juggling many blogs ...

    @ Susan - they're beautiful the Dream Catchers .. I love the concept. I'm not sure I'll catch my dreams with my A - Z, but it's interesting doing the write ups. Thanks so much re my last selections .. I enjoyed those a great deal.

    Cheers Betsy, Gary and Susan - just another wonderful day here .. suns up, clocks have gone forward and I'm rarin to go! Enjoy today and your week ahead .. Hilary

  30. I always admire those who pursue dreams and catch them for the rest of us to see.

  31. I am always chasing dreams ans some of them really have come true :) Diane

  32. Love your analogy that we are all dream catchers. Thanks for such wonderful points of reflection.

  33. What fun adventures to be had on the open road. Great post Hilary! Have a wonderful week.

  34. Lots of folks will be giving us good reads and perspectives in the near future then.

    The RV trip sounds fun. I just hope they can avoid many of the traffic jams that our Northeast specializes in this time of year (especially in the summer).

  35. What a fascinating post! Good luck and traveling safety to Melissa and JR as they travel around in their RV. What a cool adventure.

  36. I love the idea of us all being "dream catchers." Best of luck to your friends on their RV trip. Great A to Z post! Julie

  37. @ Jenny - Nice to meet you here - welcome - and yes so do I - they pursue their dreams with due diligence.

    @ Diane - certainly one of your dreams has come true ... maybe more with your delightful house and life in rural France.

    @ Liara - we are all dream catchers aren't we - you are: good luck with your book launch - it will be amazing "365 Paths to Love" ..

    @ Susanne - fun adventure it surely will be - while Siobhan and Chris continue their love of history and theatre.

    @ Slamdunk - I'm sure you're right - there's stories to be told. While the thought of travelling around seeing the States certainly entices.

    @ Steve - cool adventure is the right idea isn't it ..

    @ Julie - It's a good phrase for us - isn't it "dream catchers" .. I'm sure they'll have fun in their travels.

    And I'm so looking forward to Siobhan and Chris' latest play ..they're so innovative ..

    Glad you enjoy my latest A - Z post .. it was fun to do.

    Thanks Jenny, Diane, Liara, Susanne, Slamdunk, Steve and Julie - enjoy catching your dreams ... Hilary

  38. I do rather like the idea of World Story Telling Day. Your words and your reviews make me want to embrace the idea, sit down and read, sit down and write. You have a convert.

  39. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Hilary. Inspirational!

  40. We must have dreams even if some seem unobtainable - life would be so arid without them.

  41. Have you ever heard Eli Young Band's "Keep Dreaming Even if it breaks your heart"?

  42. @ Alan - I rather like your idea too - and you have wonderful photos to include .. I do some voluntary work up at my mother's nursing centre - and one lady said today - after you've gone I can sit and mull through the subjects we've discussed and they bring back memories for me ..

    I am trying to capture their memories and jot them down .. the blog covers subjects my mother would be interested in ...

    Story telling never dies does it ...

    @ Jarmara - glad you enjoyed the post .. inspiration we create as bloggers and offer it out to others ..

    @ Janice - I guess some dreams are unattainable - but as you say so necessary to life and some will be. Gosh if we didn't dream life would be very arid and dull ...

    Thanks Alan, Jarmara and Janice - lovely to have your comments - cheers Hilary

  43. Wow, a dream RV adventure sounds incredible.

    Thank you for posting that poem of Langston Hughes. You reminded me how much I love his poetry!

  44. Hilary, so sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your loving comments on my blog. I so understand your journey taking care of your mother and uncle. It is very difficult to balance your life with care taking elders. I am glad you are feeling okay about it all now. Your visits to my blog mean so much to me. Thank you.

  45. Hi Talli - it does sound rather good doesn't it .. North America probably makes it easier for us to do .. but I shall enjoy joining them as they travel around.

    Good I spotted the poem elsewhere and thought I must post it with dream catchers ... it is a beautiful poem.

    @ Karen - no worries - you've got lots going on and family to think about. I thankfully just spend time with my Mama - and accept that this where we are ... there's nothing either of us can do. Someone needs to be with her - and that's me ... I have all of you wonderful bloggers with me.

    I love coming over and seeing what's going on - re your singing and dancing .. it's support that counts even from a dizzy distance!

    Cheers Talli and Karen .. we have lovely weather right now .. Hilary

  46. Oh Hilary, this is just a lovely post and I learned so much about all the performers and writers and and and...thank you

    I am thinking about using that same Langston Hughes poem with an upcoming book review which is about the brain's neuroplasticity and how the little traumas can close down one's dreams - good news we can correct this problem and find joy again in 4 challenging steps,

    Thank you so much for sharing

  47. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us Hilary.

    All the best

  48. That sounds like an amazing RV adventure.

    I've been hearing so much about the A-Z, and I had so much fun last year, I might sign up again. I don't want to miss out on the fun. :)

  49. Dolce Via is a must read for me!

  50. How fun! I like the idea that artists, writers, etc. are dream catchers. What a neat concept!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  51. I love this idea and the poem ties it in all so nicely~ Yes, we are all dream catchers! I look forward to hearing more about their adventures~ :D

  52. @ Patricia - glad you enjoyed the post - the Langston Hughes poem resonates with everyone, so your thought seems a good one and I'll enjoy your posting.

    @ Marinela - good to see you - thank you.

    @ Michelle - doesn't it sound like an amazing RV adventure .. and the A- Z I think you should sign up .. it is fun ..

    @ JJ - I don't think Siobhan publishes her plays .. I've asked to have the Robert Hooke one to read .. - I'm sure it's one of those projects for the future ..

    @ Shannon - we are all dream catchers - in whichever genre or entrepreneur work we're in .. we have a dream ..

    @ Ella - I know Melissa and JR will be posting as they travel so we'll know how their projects are going -
    - and Siobhan's new play will I'm sure come to Eastbourne sometime .. I'm looking forward to seeing their play on Samuel Pepys and his wife Elizabeth Pepys .. (which so far I've missed) ...

    Thanks Patricia, Marinela, Michelle, JJ, Shannon and Ella - lovely to have your comments - cheers Hilary

  53. I'm kind of in love w/the name Siobhan right now. And I've always adored dream catchers. Arizona is full of them. Those ads and book covers are just gorgeous, and Langston Hughes. I can't help but read his poems with a snap in my head. Good stuff.

    Thanks, Hil! :o) <3

  54. Dreams and stories....they are so much alike, so much part of the same joy in living.

    You do well to remind us.

  55. @ Leigh - I know I rather like Siobhan's name too .. It seems I'm finding out about dream catchers - and will no doubt come across more .. glad you enjoyed the visuals too - and don't we all love those poems ..

    @ Friko - as you so rightly say: dreams and stories woven together .. give us joy in living ..

    Great to see you both - cheers Hilary

  56. Hi Hilary
    I'm late again. So many thoughts ran through my brain as I read. I think I'll share just one.

    When I was a child, I dreamt that I was a kite and my family held the string and kept calling for me to come down. I was raised by a bunch of scientific minded folk and I was an artist. No need for an interpretation. Have a great week.

  57. Hi Nancy .. no worries - sounds like you're the ideal dream catcher and you're achieving it ... I guess the science will come out in the girls?! What an amazing dream - a safe haven the kite as you fly fly away .. interesting - thanks for letting us know .. cheers to you - Hilary

  58. Traveling in an RV across the US sounds amazing! I'd love to see more of the country someday. I'm glad they get to follow their dreams!

  59. My dream is to RV all through North America and maybe one day... Might have to be a solar-powered RV tho. :)


  60. "Long may plays, books, paintings, street performances and all creative arts be honed..."

    So true! The arts (of all forms) are so important to society.

  61. @ Shelley - aren't they lucky in having the oomph to get and go travelling like that .. and as you say follow their dreams.

    @ Jannie - I agree I'd love to do that - the English lanes are a little small! I'm sure solar-powered RVs will be around anon - good thought though ..

    @ Sharon - we need to hone our crafts don't we .. as life offers much - when we find we can do and actually do it.

    Cheers Shelly, Jannie and Sharon - it's lovely over here .. have good rest of the weeks .. Hilary

  62. Thanks for sharing those stories!

    World Story Day sounds like an excellent thing to celebrate. I'll have to remember this one next year. :)

  63. So many stories! You've done it again, Hilary. Where do you get all that energy from? I love the idea of a dream catcher but I fear that as we get older our dreams lose their promises.

  64. @ Golden Eagle - aren't the three stories fun .. and perhaps I should remember to remind everyone next year - re World Story Telling Day - I think I 'came upon it' at the time the post was ready ...

    @ Ros - if I could get all my thoughts onto this machine - I'd be a happy Easter bunny! many stories to tell - it's getting myself organised to post.

    So pleased though you obviously enjoyed their tales .. there's still stories in us - as I am testament to ... your personal history is extremely interesting - and makes for wonderful interludes.

    Enjoy the rest of the week .. April is nearly on us!! Cheers Hilary

  65. What wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing them. I have a pal that is going to be starting out on an RV adventure. I cannot wait to travel with her.

    World Story Day sounds awesome. Thank you for teaching me some things today! (I was sick last week and so I am trying to catch up today.) *waving*

  66. Hi Robyn .. sorry to hear you were ill - catching up is never easy is it.

    Your friend too travelling around ... it does sound fun I must say ...

    I've made a note for 2013 - to remind everyone?! Cheers and hope you feel back to full strength soon .. Hilary

  67. Hilary,

    This is a wonderful paragraph:

    "There are Dream Catchers in all of us – poets, playwrights, authors, artists, designers, actors and drivers ... we all dream to catch that special “je ne sais quoi” ... as we journeymen and women travel our paths of life." I love it !!!

    Good luck with your A-Z Challenge. I can't believe you do this. It's very impressive and a lot of writing:~) I wish you the best.

  68. Finally made it--better late than never right?

    Dolce Via sounds right up my line of interest. It would be rather surprising that Siobhan doesn't publish her plays but maybe there's not enough demand--who knows.

    I would love to be able to hit the road again for a while. Maybe not to the extent I used to, but in doses. I love travel.

    Let's see--a jangle of jugglers? A jungle of jugglers? A joviality of jugglers? Maybe.

    This was a post that I could certainly identify with.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  69. @ Sara ... it is - but it so applies - as you say .. we are all journeymen and women ....

    The A - Z is the one thing I can deal with .. it's on for a month .. A - Z, 26 'simple' posts .. last year was good .. it doesn't disrupt that much .. occasional guest posts, the odd story challenges - are fine .. the rest is just too too much!

    So I do enjoy the A - Z posting .. but the whittling down is another story!!

    I'm here .. doing my posts - hope you enjoy them this year .. see you anon ...

    @ Arlee - I thought you'd enjoy this post - I'm not surprised you're away from it all frankly - how you cope I have no idea.

    I suspect you'd love to be there - out on the road again .. with the 'circus of life' ..

    This was a really interesting post to write ... it is dream catching, juggling those dreams ... it's funny isn't it ..

    A Neverthriving of jugglers ..

    Cheers to you both - Sara - the dreamer of all dreamers, and Lee the thriving of jugglers .. wonderful to see you here .. thank you so much - Hilary

  70. Melissa is one of my featured bloggers in my A-Z Childhood posts. I haven't caught what you're up to Hilary. I posted my theme yesterday.

    Dreams? Aaaaahhhhh...


  71. I love to travel and new places give so much inspiration. Lovely post, Hilary!

  72. I love that Langston Hughes poem. My daughter wrote it out for me a few months ago. So inspiring.

    You're doing A to Z too? Do you have a theme?

  73. Hi Hilary, I'm stopping by to say hello before the A-Z challenge begins. Glad to see you'll be playing along. I'm a new follower here :)

  74. @ Denise - that'll be fun to read in the A - Z .. childhood and authors - blogging friends. I haven't let the cat out of the bag yet re my theme ..

    @ Amy - it's lovely visiting new areas and exploring isn't it .. inspirational as you say.

    @ Theresa - that must have been a real treat from your daughter - something she relates to as well.

    Yes - I have a theme .. it's a-coming ....

    @ Martha - so lovely to meet you - and thanks for visiting .. I'll be over shortly.

    Thanks Denise, Amy, Theresa and Martha .. enjoy the A - Z and see you there .. cheers Hilary

  75. Love your posts! Reaching out to catch my dream at the present time. Good luck with the A - Z. :)

  76. @ Glynis .. thank you - and you are certainly reaching out to catch your dream --- and I can only wish you well - I know you'll do it.

    Thanks re the A - Z - I enjoyed last year .. so should be fun this time around .. Cheers Hilary

  77. Ah, we must be riding the same theme wave!

  78. Hi Rosaria .. good to see you here - and your Mediterranean Garden challenge at your home sounds a wonderful project .. cheers Hilary

  79. Catching dreams, now that sounds like a great title for a novel. I decided to chase a dream, recently too, hence my less active profile on blogger...

  80. Hi Madeleine .. it does sound a good title doesn't it .. I'm so pleased you're chasing your dream - good for you ... go for it ...

    Cheers Hilary

  81. Hi Madeleine - interesting .. the comment appears in the comment box - but not on the blog .. so I'll repeat it:

    The title does sound like a good one "Catching Dreams" - for a novel. Good for you - and I do hope the dream is being slowly hauled in .. you deserve success - it's following that dream right to its goal ..

    Cheers and have a great April ..Hilary

  82. Nice post! I just came across your blog via the A-Z Challenge and I can't wait to read your posts! I now follow you :)

    Please check out my blog over at

    Good luck throughout the month!

  83. Hi Yadin .. glad you enjoyed the post - and looking forward to seeing you around the A - Z ...

    I checked in! Cheers Hilary