Tuesday, 24 December 2013

50 States of Prayer, including those overseas ...

A big thank you to Mark Koopmans who suggested that we post a Prayer or thoughts of praying to give us something extra to think about over our festive season ... 

A Time to Pray wherever we are in the world ... in Hawaii with Mark, across all the participating bloggers’ countries and States ... may we all take a turn to pray for those

  • -         in war zones
  • -         starving, frightened, homeless and freezing or sweltering
  • -         troubled by constant drought
  • -         surrounded by floods and flood waters
  • -         frozen up
  • -         repairing their homes after the typhoons or earthquakes
  • -         in despair and just desperate
  • -         coping with serious illness
  • -         adjusting to a sudden change – often through loss, or severe challenges
  • -         unsure of life ahead
  • -         who are lonely – give them comfort ... guide them to help
  • -         of us, who very luckily, are fine and who continue to enjoy life despite minor setbacks ... brief loss of electricity, delayed getting home because of the storms ... we will recover ...
  • -         who are our leaders – give them wisdom, guidance and kindness to lead others away from corruption and political dictatorship – so that they, who have the power, can do better at looking after their own peoples.

TheresaMilstein from her blog “Theresa’s Tales of Teaching Tribulations and Typing Teen Texts” – mentioned Ahimsa in her comment on my Nelson Mandela ABC post ...

Lord Mahavir - gold
see Wiki
... Ahimsa is a term meaning do not injure; its precept of ‘cause no injury’ includes one’s deeds, words, and thoughts ... and applies to all living beings including flora and fauna ...

We need to protect this earth and all that dwell on it ... as well as be much more compassionate to those around us ...

Let’s pray that our butterfly effect will land kindly on many nearby, and as Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mandela were able to do – set examples for others to follow ...

May we all have peace and be enabled to spread peace far and wide ...

Aleppo Codex Joshua 1:1
(Ecclesiastes - see Wiki)
For some reason I thought of the song by the Byrds “Turn! Turn! Turn!” – the words of which are taken from the Book of Ecclesiastes ... and cheered me, yet made me stop and think ... 

Byrds "Turn! Turn! Turn!" ... Youtube link

To Everything (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
There is a season (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven

.... continued see lyrics ... 

Lyrics to the song here:  Words adapted from the Bible, the music is by Pete Seeger

A very happy Christmas to one and all ... I'll be visiting over the festive season ... have a blessed, peaceful time ...

Hilary Melton-Butcher
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  1. May we continue to reach out to others that peace and compassion keep growing and spreading.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Hilary!

  2. Yes, pray for our leaders that they might guide us well.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I've never heard of Ahimsa before. I'll be off to google it when I get a chance.
    Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas, Hilary!
    Writer In Transit

  4. I love your prayers. I also believe in passing along hope and healing to others. It's God's work. Merry Christmas!

  5. Great sentiments and lyrics, Hilary. Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Looking forward to keeping in touch in 2014 xx

  6. My prayer (for me) is that I will think of others and their needs before my own. I think if we all did that, it would be a better world.

    Merry Christmas, Hilary!

  7. HIlary wishing you a very blessed and peaceful Christmas. May your memories all be good ones and may the coming year bring much joy and happiness. Take care, and kindest wishes form both Beric & I xxx

  8. I enjoyed these messages, Hilary, thanks.
    I feel a bit sad on Christmas Eve, thinking about the past.
    Thank you for these lovely messages of hope.

  9. Hi Alex, Diane, Michelle, Elsie, Val, Teresa, Judy and Phil -

    Lovely to see you here - this is a great suggestion by Mark ..

    Blessings to you all and have a festive time ... Hilary

  10. I love this blogfest idea. Wishing you peace and blessings! See you in 2014! :)

  11. Merry Christmas to you to Hilary.
    Thank you for such a thoughtful post. Great reminder specially of Ahinsa. We grew up with that ideology. Take care of yourself and stay Healthy.

  12. A lovely post, Hilary, and an inspiration. I hope you have a happy Christmas and New Year.

  13. Hi Hilary,

    I had to stop by (after catching a few hours sleep:) to read your 50 States post.

    And, of course, it was as wonderful as I knew it would be.

    Thanks for always being so thoughtful and kind with your words - and deeds.

    Merry Christmas :)

  14. Thank you for your messages here.
    Merry Christmas to you too. sandie

  15. Ahimsa is a wonderful philosophy that we all can learn from. It's amazing how you always include a meaningful message in everything you write. This post was chockfull of them. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a fabulous New Year, Hilary!


  16. Hi, Hilary! I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  17. I strive to pray without ceasing.


  18. Love your thoughts here, Ahisma made me think of the medical oath "first do no harm".

    Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

  19. That was beautifully written Hilary. An excellent list of people in need of support and love.

    Happy holidays to you dear friend.


  20. What a lovely thought to send prayers to all those less fortunate than ourselves. I have been doing just that today, Christmas Day. Happy Christmas to you Hilary.

  21. PS Just back from the bach for restocking, and then leaving for a week away again. Hard to comment from there, as I'm on dialup, so glad I could catch up a bit while I'm in town.

  22. Happy Christmas everyone .. @ Julia, Jo-Jo, Karen, Munir, Sharon, Mark, Sandie, Julie, Susanne, Janie, Jo, Donna and Juliet .. lovely to see you all ...

    ... and Mark your blog-hop idea for this Prayer fest has really struck a chord: so pleased you had the idea.

    @ Munir and Julie .. Ahimsa is something I hadn't come across .. so I'm pleased it now registers with me ...

    @ Sharon - wonderful to see you here - thanks for stopping by ..

    @ Mark - you're too kind .. I had to think quite carefully - but I'm going to enjoy reading everyone's Prayer postings ... brilliant idea.

    @ Jo - yes another concept in the same vein as Ahimsa ... the Hippocratic Oath ...

    Merry Christmas everyone - we have a very wet country .. we're not flooded or likely to be .. but many are suffering with flooded or leaking homes ...

    Happy times to you all - Hilary

  23. Hi Hilary, bloghopping from England! I've learnt something new today, I never knew Turn!Turn!Turn! was inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes :) Hope you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  24. Hi Hilary,

    So sorry it has taken me until the early hours of Boxing Day to get to your site.

    "To everything, turn, turn, turn..." A thoughtful choice, dear friend.

    Oh how we need leaders who put compassion before corruption.

    I do hope you had a blessed, peaceful Christmas, Hilary.

    In peace, hope and goodwill,


  25. @ Suzanne - good to meet you and I have to admit I hadn't realised the Book of Ecclesiastes inspired the words for the Byrds' song ...

    @ Monti - thank you ..
    @ Mildred - good to meet you and thank you ..

    @ Gary - well it's always good to see you .. and I know I owe you a visit or two - thanks for endorsing my thoughts ..

    As you, Gary, say ... to one and all in Peace, hope and goodwill .. at all times, but especially during this festive time ... Hilary

  26. Nice informative article, Written well!

  27. Having others in ones thoughts never does any harm If we all did more of it there would be a lot less pain and strife.

    The river’s been ‘out’ but it never reaches us, of course; but people lower down the hill have once again suffered.

    Everywhere is sodden and walking is quite difficult. Today there’s sunshine, after a hard frost last night. we are grateful that we have been spared any storm damage or other disasters over the Christmas period so far.

  28. Hi Hilary,

    Just popped in to wish you a Merry Christmas and send good wishes for 2014.

  29. I left a comment yesterday, and came back to see what you'd responded, and it's not here! I just hate computers sometimes. It went something like this:"This was wonderful, Hils. You sure made me feel blessed reading all your prayers for those less fortunate. Nicely done. I of course enjoyed the historical bits as always. You're friendship is a true blessing in my life and I'm so glad we're friends. Happy Christmas and enjoy your day.
    Much love,
    Tina @ Life is Good

  30. Happy Christmas! Loving the 50 States of Pray. I love the song Turn, and I believe in its message; no matter how dark things become, there is always the hope that things will eventually turn for the better. Wishing you and yours a happy and peaceful New Year.

  31. Hi, Hilary,


    I know I am a bit late, but it's still Christmas week. Actually this is my favorite week of the year. With everyone SO busy preparing for Christmas, we tend to spread ourselves so thinly, BUT with this week we can see and touch base with our extended family and still keep the holiday spirit and LOVE going.

    May 2014 bring us all closer together and may our journeys be a smooth one...

    ALL the best!

  32. Merry Christmas Hilary.Hope you enjoyed this blessed day.

  33. @ Mast Holiday - thank you ..

    @ Friko - yes it does definitely help the world go round .. thinking of others and there would be a lot less pain and strife.

    Our river has gone down, but with the next deluge due - who knows where it will end up - it was in the village - but cars can float.

    It is colder .. but not frosty .. and I'm glad you've been spared storm damage .. as we have so far.

    @ Patsy - many thanks - you have a happy 2014 ..

    @ Tina - I only just spotted your Cauliflower Fountain comment in moderation (for some reason!) - but that's now out on the post .. but yesterday's wasn't there ..

    I only just realised we were meant to stick to 100 words, but I wanted to say so much .. and am happy everyone is enjoying all the prayer posts ..

    Thanks Tina - I appreciate your friendship too .. and support in the blogosphere .. let's hope we have an easier 2014 ..

    @ Li - yes, Li, that's the way I thought of the song Turn! Turn! Turn! ... in recent years when things were tough, I was constantly 'mentally turning' - so that I could move on ...

    @ Michael - many thanks .. we're all entitled to turn up sometime - especially when there's so much going on ... I totally appreciate seeing you and and when you come by.

    I endorse your sentiment ... I feel that 2014 will be better for many of us ..

    @ A Lady's Life - thank you ..

    Thanks everyone .. enjoy the rest of Boxing Day - Hilary

  34. A very merry Christmas to you, Hilary! Hope you're having a lovely holiday! xo

  35. Good morning Hilary -

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  36. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and a great new year. It'll be wonderful to see all the positive things that will be a part of 2014.

  37. Merry Christmas Hilary! Happy New Year and thank you for this wonderful prayer!

  38. I adore the Byrds song Turn, Turn, Turn...and live by the philosophy that...to everything there is a season...puts things into perspective.

    Merry Christmas Hilary.


  39. Beautifully said, Hilary! And a very merry Xmas to you and yours!!

  40. Hilary I love your post,I ll remember your butterfly effect!
    I too love the Byrds-I hope your Christmas was merry!

  41. Hilary, these are wonderful thoughts and I will work hard to keep these in mind as I start the new year. Best wishes to you and thank you for stopping by my blog as part of the 50- states. I think Mark had a great idea.

  42. @ Betsy - it's good you can have a glass of vino .. while your full house is having a nap! Thanks for popping by ..

    @ Lynn - thanks for your thoughts ..

    @ Miranda - I sure hope 2014 will be full of positives - and now we all can enjoy time with loved ones.

    @ MJ - glad you enjoyed my thoughts ..

    @ Denise - I've no idea how the Byrds song came into my head! Then to learn about the philosophical and Biblical connection .. I'm glad I did though .. and pleased we seem to be on the same wave length ..

    @ PK - many thanks - I'm sure you're having a lovely time with the kids ..

    @ Ella - I'm glad Mark's idea brought so many out to join in .. and that the butterflies and the Byrds resonate with you ..

    @ Elizabeth - Mark did have a great idea didn't he ... it's so true when we remember everything else that's going on in the world ... we have irritations but are not starving, or desperate for water, or oppressed ..

    Thanks to you all - enjoy the build up to 2014?! Gosh doesn't life run away - enjoy all those moments ... Hilary

  43. Awesome things to pray for.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. :-)

  44. Great prayers and wonderful tribute to Nelson Mandela. You really do your homework! Well done, all.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  45. Beautiful. Have a great new year!

  46. Hi, Hilary.
    I'm excited to see a passage in Hebrew on a blog, and one that I can actually read (slowly, sort of. Moses' name is in it twice). It fascinates me that Turn, Turn, Turn is based on a passage from Ecclesiastes, and one written in Hebrew.

    Thank you for the profound mix of spiritual gems.

    Blessings to you for all good things.

  47. Reading your prayer is a reminder that there are SO MANY in need of prayer and thoughtfulness. I suppose it is the nature of things that there will always be suffering, but that does offer an opportunity for people to step up and be *wonderful.*

    The song Turn Turn Turn often makes me think of the New Year. Thank you for sharing it (and the history) here.

    Hope your Christmas was merry and Happy New Year!

  48. I am more practical, I think all these poor people need money more and medical help ! And peace lays in the hand of our dear politicians ! I doubt very much that they listen to God !

  49. Beautiful prayer! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  50. This is a really lovely post! Enjoyed reading this very much.


  51. @ Misha - many thanks and yes I had a lovely time .. could do with some sun, and no more rain!!

    @ Mary - thank you - also for the Mandela ABCs - it was enjoyable to do ..

    @ Donna - glad you enjoyed it and yes I hope the New Year is good for us all ..

    @ Robyn - I just enjoy putting in different snippets .. because you never know who will read! Interesting how things link up ..

    The Ecclesiastes link I was surprised to find out about .. and I'm so pleased you appreciated the mix of spiritual aspects .. I learn from you too ..

    @ Robin - yes it is important for us to remember all - who around the world are suffering .. and we can step up to the plate can't we ..

    I'm so pleased the Turn! Turn! Turn! song resonates with you too .. and the history was interesting wasn't it ..

    @ Gattina - well that's great .. I do both, but the important thing is to remember there are so many worse off than us ...

    @ Kimberley - many thanks .. all well here

    @ Gina - so pleased you enjoyed the post ..

    Thanks everyone ... continue to enjoy the festive season .. happy times - Hilary

  52. Lovely post! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and 2014 brings many good things to you and those who are suffering.

  53. My prayer is that this butterfly lands on as many hearts as possible over this next year so we can see even more flutters of transformation.

    It is happening... it's a matter of finding the positive forces and sources who are determined to inform. Sadly these gems are not reported by the regular news sources until someone is fighting the concept.

    An example is the legislation California is considering assuring that they'll no longer use fossil fuels in 10 years. Isn't that incredible? Even if it can't be done, the awareness will spread.

  54. Wonderful post! Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word, and the over-riding priniciple of yogic philosophy for how to live in the world. It means "non-harming" - not simply in the sense of "do not kill" but in the fuller sense of not harming others physically, verbally, emotionally, or even with our thoughts. And not harming ourselves in these ways either. Dick and I wish you a very blessed New Year filled with peace and joy, and we thank you for your friendship!

  55. Have a great holiday season x


  56. @ Meradith .. glad you enjoyed it - and yes the world would be a happier place if we could all move towards our goals and those suffering could receive some help ..

    @ Amy - you've raised a good point here about having to fight for a good cause before the media takes notice.

    I sincerely hope the butterfly effect spreads and brings light to many .. and we use our resources to their maximum, and don't waste along the way or create more energy needs in our choices of change .. a tall order ...

    @ Melissa - thanks for coming by and for enhancing my knowledge of Ahimsa ... it's a very interesting concept and should be given broader appeal especially in today's age.

    Many thanks for Dick and your wishes ...

    @ Marinela - the same to you, good to see you ..

    .. and a Happy New Year to one and all .. Hilary

  57. Great post, Hilary -- Happy New Year!

  58. Beautiful, selfless prayers indeed! I hope you have a blessed new year!

  59. @ Milo - thank you

    @ Nancy - many thanks ..

    I hope you both, and all readers have a blessed and happy year ahead - Hilary

  60. A lovely post Hilary. Love the idea of each of us having a butterfly effect!

    Happy new year!

  61. What a wonderful Christmas post, Hilary. I was so thrilled to once again get a Christmas card from you. Thank you! I've saved your address and will write you a note. Happy New Year, dear Hilary.

  62. Hilary, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Merry Between the Holidays to you. I hope 2014 brings you much happiness.

  63. Good prayers to remember throughout the New Year, too. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  64. @ Deniz - I'm sure we do have a butterfly effect with our ideals ..

    @ Karen - delighted you enjoyed the post and thanks for your thoughts ..

    @ Mary - yes thank you and sadly those between the holidays are nearly over .. and like you I hope 2014 is a good year ..

    @ Nicole - I hope I can remember some of these through the year .. and that I can help others improve their lives even in a tiny way ..

    Thanks so much - Hilary

  65. What a nice tribute to these exceptional women ! Angela Jolie is the living proof that you can be beautiful, intelligent and very human too ! I really admire her ! Mala too is very exceptional and at such a young age !

  66. Malala is such an impressive young woman--so much poise and wisdom in so young a person. I hadn't realized about Jolie's work, though--that is wonderful to use a public platform to get people moving for good. I wish more public figures would do that, as I think for most of us, it is only small things we can really do, but when all eyes are on you, you have so much potential.

  67. I often bob over for a quick read and you always have so many comments that generally convey my thoughts that I don't want waste your time leaving a comment that doesn't really add anything new but today I'll make an exception so I can wish you a wonderful New Year and a great year of blogging. I'm sure I'll enjoy many more great posts from you Hilary over the coming months and hope you're doing the A to Z again. Bye for now and take care.

  68. @ Gattina - many thanks they do set very good examples for us don't they ..

    @ Hart - the small things matter too, because they are all incremental and all help others .. so the public figures can lead the way, but it's 'our work' that gives the effect the impetus. I would hope other public figures will realise their fuller potential ..

    @ Maggie - that's great to know you pop over, but I appreciate everyone's comments ...

    In fact the comments and the friendships are what's important to me about blogging ... so I love the interaction I get and from which the friendships that develop ...

    I am doing the A-Z again .. but I hope I'll see you before that ..

    Happy New Year to one and all .. cheers Hilary

  69. Malala is an incredible girl -- I shared her story with my students, and they were dumbfounded.

  70. Hi Milo - yes Malala's story is quite amazing .. she was so lucky to have recovered so well - thank goodness for that.

    I bet your students were just staggered to hear about her ..

    I hope this freezing USA weather isn't affecting you too much .. cheers Hilary

  71. Happy New Year Hilary, and many blessings in 2014. I love your prayer list. Those are folks truly in need.