Sunday 11 July 2010

A Century of Aces; Afghanistan to Zimbabwe ...

King Queen Czech Mate – this was a headline from 37 years ago .. that I always remember – summarising the results of Wimbledon 1973: can you work out who were the winners? Billie Jean King triumphed, in what was Martina Navratilova’s first year on the circuit, and the Czech Jan Kodes captured the men’s title in 1973.

A Century of Aces – does that sum up this year’s Wimbledon – to a point yes .. except it was a brace of centuries! What an amazing fortnight with some wonderful tennis, as well as a visit from the Royal Queen, her first visit for 33 years, who met with the King Queen, a few other legends and which produced a list of statistics as long as your arm.

The buzz was palpable for all to feel, the making of history was in the air, everyone was chattering and laughing away at their luck to be present on such a memorable day, Thursday 24th June 2010 – a day which was to offer a different dimension to the sport.

Centre Court with the new roof, used as a sunshade this year!

McEnroe, this ‘enfant terribile’ of the sport, saying that he thought it was a great advertisement for tennis .. this mix of royalty, beloved by so many, and two unknowns who were already gracing the echelons of greatness ... which member of a team sport could last as long as these guys, or behave with such impeccable politeness – a huge credit to the sport of tennis.

I haven’t even mentioned their names I see – but most of us will know who I’m talking about, even if perhaps their names escape you – the French man, Nicolas Mahut, and the American John Isner. Mahut had played through the qualifying .. his last set at Roehampton had been 26-24 – before he even started this first round match at the 2010 Wimbledon Championships.

I guess they walked on court on Tuesday the 22nd never expecting to run further than four marathons, ‘bowl’ over one hundred aces each, smash many records ... just a few balls ... become celebrities over night and perhaps become truly the only people who fit Kipling’s quote, from the poem “If”, which sits above the players’ entrance to Centre Court:

If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same ..”

Neither being losers – don’t you agree?

Both men, understandably, looked fit to drop at the end ... but were persuaded that a few extra minutes for the record books, the crowds, the media would be appreciated ... that picture of their final set score splashed around the world on tv sets, transport concourses, newsprint, blogs, and the internet .... that is now recorded for posterity: a final set covering three days ending 70:68, with the whole match lasting over 11 hours.

Isner and Mahut and the Swedish umpire, Mohamed Lahyani in front of the final scoreboard c/o The First Post

Another person who shows exceptional good health is the Queen, as after her memorable visit to Wimbledon, when she walked through the grounds, past the infamous Court 18, met up with legends (Billie Jean being able to tick off another of her life’s wishes) in the game and the four top seeds in both draws .... well those, who weren’t preparing for matches: Murray and Nadal.

Everything was timed so that Wimbledon’s schedule remained – play starting at 1.00 pm – the Queen duly arrived, the players bowed (after some discussion!) Andy Murray beat the Finn, Jarko Niemann in three sets – everything as it should be.

Queen meets Federer and other seeded players pre lunch
c/o Wimbledon website: 24June 2010

A few days after her visit she was off on a State visit to Canada for Canada Day, going on to New York to open the Garden of Remembrance to honour the British citizens, who lost their lives at Ground Zero; while also making a speech to the United Nations appealing for world unity and peace.

Nelson Mandela has often said that he thought sport could transcend the trials and tribulations of the world, introducing different cultures to other nations, which the Queen’s message reciprocated that we should all, wherever we are in the world, respect this earth of ours and its citizens.

Here, at Wimbledon, we had the Frenchman and the American, the Scotsman and the Finn, an Iranian and some Chinese, a Zimbabwean from that estranged Commonwealth nation, South Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Uzbekistans, the Philippines, the European nations ... over 500 individual players taking part...

... with just 32 countries participating in the football World Cup ... the Championships encourage all nations ... and on top of that you are unlikely to see any tennis spectators fighting in the stands – well ... perhaps two female spectators, who had been waiting patiently for the third day’s continuation when they were turfed out by an official to let McEnroe and Tracy Austin sit and watch. I hope these two ladies receive guest Centre Court Wimbledon tickets from those legends next year?!

A few more of snippets of information that might have passed you by ... the stats say it all, but over and above those .. the Queen was presented with a wonderful posy.. for those flower lovers amongst ... this sounds fragrantly gorgeous ... hydrangeas, agapanthus, peonies and roses.

The lunch menu included salmon millefeuille with asparagus; orange and honey-marinated chicken on a fruity couscous with roasted vegetables; strawberries and blackberries with clotted cream and mint syrup; an English cheese plate with orange chutney, followed by coffee and chocolates ,all served with white or red wine, and I am sure water, as it was a very hot day.

I know! .. it's pretty .. it shows raw salmon sashimi

As a by-line Prince William is a very good player, taking after his grandfather, King George VI, who played in the doubles at Wimbledon, losing in the first round, in 1926 – the year of the Queen’s birth, plays quite often at The Queen’s Club .. and one day browsing in the shop saw a bag marked “Queen’s Bag” – he bought it for his grandmother. The royal family have a great sense of humour, which we do not see, as it is hidden behind the protocol.

Just to tidy up where else would you find sport transcending politics of this world ... but in Afghanistan ... cricket, another of those games exported to outposts of the British Empire in the 19th century .. not a century of aces but a 21st century of hope with a bowled ball or six, a run or fifty ...

Afghanistan cricketers playing in Sussex

... and even here the Netherlands feature, as they will tonight in the final of the football, Afghanistan secured a comfortable five-wicket victory to secure third place in the World Cricket League’s Division One. If you would like to see how cricket is played via a cryptic summary .. please see last year’s post: Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun ...

To conclude my tidy approach .. the Wimbledon waste bins are continually emptied, they are sprayed with disinfectant, fresh liners inserted .... and one correspondent noted that on leaving the grounds at 10.00pm the site was impeccably clean ... not the sort of expectation at Glastonbury Music Festival, or a football ground and surrounding streets ... where litter would abound in ugly droppings.

What a few weeks ... trophies won, strawberries galore, scoreboards failing, centuries of aces thumping down, Queens, Kings, Macs ... a geographical tour of the world ... Afghanistan to Korea to South Africa, flowers and food to tempt our senses at any hour of the day ... tales for the future ... and the positive stories of cricket and tennis to spread the advantages of a free fair and kind world.

Trophies – The Silver Gilt Cup inscribed: “All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World” .. what would they say now – double-handed/ either or ... and for the ladies the Sterling Silver Salver commonly known as the “Venus Rosewater Dish”, which is decorated with figures from mythology.

Dear Mr Postman ... my mother would have loved to been a little more with it to have enjoyed Wimbledon 2010 .. and when her hearing comes back then I have stories to tell .. and one you will hear about in my next post .. till then continue enjoying the sunny summer days that we are lucky enough to be experiencing here.

Hilary Melton-Butcher
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Cath Lawson said...

Hi Hilary - I love Wimbledon. One year I'm definitely going to apply for tickets to go there.

I loved the John McEnroe days - he definitely added a lot of fun to the game.

The Royal family definitely do have a sense of humour. I finally got round to doing a tour of Buckingham Palace in 2007 and they were selling icecreams in the garden at the end of the tour, with the Queen's pic on each tub. It was hilarious and v good too.

My grandmother wanted to do the Buckingham Palace tour before she died and I wish she'd been well enough to go. I didn't think it would be up to much but it's one of my favourite places in London.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Cath .. you definitely should apply .. I think it's in the Autumn .. so it's quite early & then they let you know whether you've been successful or not ..

Mac has turned into quite a man of wisdom .. hasn't he?! His comments are very salient and on top of that he's very knowledgeable .. and interesting to listen to.

Did you go to Buck House .. sounds fun .. I went years ago with my father to a Garden Party - I was somewhat overawed .. but we wandered around the grounds with everyone else .. I think it's 4,000 at a time?! ... actually it's 8,000 to each Party?!

I'd love to get to Buckingham Palace for one of their tours .. I think it would be very interesting .. and I'd love to see the gardens again .. and the new allotment they've got their now.

How sad .. I think we all have our bucket shop wishes .. I know my mother has .. but she dreams on - not so much now actually .. but for a long time she was travelling the world and we'd chat about her castles etc .. amazing and her geographical knowledge was immense, despite being bed bound and not able to or want interact via tv, radio or media .. it was all sitting in the brain and spilling out ..

Thanks for your great comment and sharing your experiences .. lovely to hear .. have a great week ahead .. Hilary

Anonymous said...

Hilary, I have a confession to make. The closest I have ever gotten to tennis is playing Mario Tennis on my Nintendo 64 a few years back! I think that must officially make me a philistine! :P

Still, you have succeeded where others haven't. You've made the game of tennis and the whole Wimbledon phenomenon actually interesting to me. I may have to start paying closer attention!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Lovely post, Hilary! It was a great match to be sure...

I hope your Mum is on the mend soon.

Wilma Ham said...

Hi Hilary, Wimbledon is a real legend isn't it? Never been there, never followed it and yet it always has some interesting features. Holland lost the world cup, shame, as the whole country would have been cladded in orange if they had won. Now it is in mourning.
It is great how sport unifies and how every sport has its culture. I rather watch clean fight-less Wimbledon than those rowdy soccer matches though.
That salmon dish looked nice, the queen would probably no longer care for food, but I still do. It looks scrumptious.
Much love to both of you, xox Wilma

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tony .. I nearly misread your comment – shows you how much I know about video games! – I thought you were playing a strange version of tennis because you were 64 (& I know you're not!!!) – it is early! Glad I re-read it!! To me – probably a Philistine – yes .. but that’s because I am old!!! And therefore have no sensible appreciation of Nintendos et al ...

However on reading your 2nd para .. that’s great to read .. you’ve a year to pluck up courage to pay more attention .. unless you get stuck in to the Grand Slams .. with NY coming up in Aug/Sept, then it’ll be in your neck of the woods .. early next year .. ?!

Just glad to hear that you enjoyed the post – have a good week ..Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sharon .. thanks for coming past, especially when you’ve got a lot of mopping up to do in the basement .. I do hope the clearing up isn’t too bad – any clearing up after an accident is frustrating at the best of times. Glad you watched a little of Wimbledon ..

Thanks re my mother – if she could hear again that would help .. but her cough isn’t going .. so I’m uncertain it will – but I live in hope ... Look after yourself this coming week –once done it’ll be over!! – good luck - Hilary

BK said...

I have to be honest about this too as I have not been good at tennis before and never followed a game of Wimbledon before.

Hope that you mother will feel better soon.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Wilma .. I heard that Holland lost the world cup – sorry to hear it!! Amazing how we support our countries and ‘feel’ if we lose! It was incredibly quiet here .. I got up this morning and thought was there a result!? Obviously yes.

I used to play first team tennis at school and we went to the tournament from there, which was a treat ... and as you say it is so much more pleasant to be involved in or to watch the sports that respect each other.

The Queen loves cooking when they’re up at Balmoral .. I understand .. so I guess they all get stuck in like us .. but the salmon did look rather nice I thought, but the sound of millefeuille salmon with asparagus did too .. I’d probably also try it with filo pastry ..

Thanks for your thoughts .. and much love and hugs back .. xoxo Hilary

Short Poems said...

Beautiful post, Hilary! It was really great match, I love tennis!
Hugs Marinela

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Marinela .. thanks for coming by .. and obviously another tennis lover! .. the tennis was really good - & I couldn't believe the standard they kept up .. Thank you - hugs to you too .. Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi BK – not a problem .. you probably enjoy many other things! Sport isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime! I too hope my mother will be able to hear – that would make a big difference to us. Thanks for your thoughts – have a good week ... Hilary

J.D. Meier said...

I don't know what a five-wicket victory is, but I guess it's like a hat-trick ;) I don't know much about cricket, but it always looked like an interesting sport.

Liara Covert said...

To reflect on the hype and amosphere of Wimbleton evokes varied thoughts and emotions. The ideas of desire and competition remind people nothing in this world is permanent, that polarities like 'winning and losing' are created by and perpetuated in the mind.

As we are invited to reflect more deeply into the nature of life, the motivation for taste preferences and choices, we remember the underlying purpose of life is to be happy. To sense joy is not limited by external perception is part of a shift in consciousness. How you view the external world, tradition, and what attracts you offers meaningful insight into degrees of your own awareness, self-acceptance, love, fear and rejection.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

HI JD .. I'm sure you don't - cricket hasn't really taken off in the States .. there's a one day game down in San Diego I think .. and I must find out more ..

if you want a fun explanation .. please visit the link in the post above .. it's explained on a tea towel (drying up cloth .. not sure of your terminology?!)

Great to see you - Hilary

Joanne said...

What amazing life stories can be found imbedded in a sports event like this, and you've shined a light on some of them perfectly. It would make an interesting article, or book, the stories transpiring along with the match :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Liara .. it’s a game isn’t it? .. as someone said about the football – and England supporters being devastated – it’s only a game .. it’s irrelevant after the event, and for ever after .. especially at the end.

You’re right .. we take each part of our life as our choice, so we can sense joy all the time .. we are watching, being involved .. and presumably we want to be there .. we want to be happy while we do it: there’s no point otherwise.

I seem to be always opening up new areas, new pathways, while evaluating where I’ve come from through the stories/posts ... an extremely interesting take on my posting – giving me truths as I go forward, develop and learn ... thank you for this visit and your comment: I appreciate it. Have a good week - Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne .. thank you for these thoughts – it’s opened up another thought process, another way of developing an outlet. I always try and interlink across different subjects, or takes on life .. and your look at this particular post ... certainly throws up new opportunities and ideas. Great – many thanks for coming over .. I’ll be interested to see what you say about my next post ... ?! Have a good week .. with the trade-winds or not .. they’ve blown the rain inland at the moment! All the best - Hilary

Dot said...

I don't follow tennis like I used to in the Bjorn Borg/Jimmy Connors/John McEnroe days. It was great to see an interview with Borg and McEnroe on TV here. Now I don't follow tennis, just the gorgeous Nadal! ;-)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Dot .. with one 11 hour match - I don't blame you .. but it's my two weeks of the year - though I can't just sit and watch.

I missed those days I was in South Africa & we didn't get broadcasts from England - so I missed most of them.

Yes I caught the McEnroe and Borg interview - it was fun .. & Nadal is good to look at .. as you say?!

Good to see you here and thanks for visiting - I really appreciate it .. have a good week - Hilary

Anonymous said...

Don't follow tennis too much, but I did enjoy your post!

Have a great day!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Suzanne .. I don't really follow it - but Wimbledon is always something I look forward to watching - when I catch up a little!

The important thing to me is .. you enjoyed the post - thank you!!

You too .. have a good week .. all the best Hilary

Talli Roland said...

I'm so jealous of your Wimbledon expedition! I'd love to go one day.

And wasn't that match crazy?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Talli .. thanks for coming by after your wonderful weekend .. sounds so informative and interesting: let alone being at the Naval College.

My visits over the years have been wonderful .. and I even had the privilege of Debenture tickets one year! Extremely lucky. It's a great place to visit .. and yes - that match sure was crazy .. I started watching at 17 all!

A great fortnight with so much going on .. have a good week .. reminiscing happily about your weekend .. Hilary

Susan Blake said...

Hi Hilary! Oh wow, I was a King fan way back when! (Gulp! HOW many years ago? Good grief!) I haven't followed tennis closely in a long time but I sure enjoyed reading this post. Next time you need to put a video on showing how in the world to make that salmon so gorgeous! :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi SuZen ... a long time ago was Billie Jean King .. but I did love that headline - shows me how important titles are!

The salmon picture came out of Wikipedia, and just looking behind the scenes .. it was taken in Lakemba, New South Wales .. well the rest of the pictures for that photographer came from there!

So I have no idea how to make it .. but the thought of salmon in millefeuille or with filo, cream cheese and asparagus .. sounds rather delicious.

Ok - next time a video .. ?! So many good cooks around .. with interesting ideas ..

Glad you've enjoyed the post .. see you soon .. Hilary

Davina said...

Lol about the Queen's Bag, Hilary. Yes the British do have a good sense of humour. *I know* :-)

I've always enjoyed tennis, playing more than watching, though. Used to play a little of it with an old boyfriend. And who is that very tall lad in that picture? Incredible!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Davina .. I laughed at the Queen's Bag when I heard the story .. and thought good for William that he can move around a bit. We certainly have a funny sense of humour .. and I think mine must stretch the imagination sometimes?! The next post will tell I suspect ...

Me too .. loved playing and we'd play for hours at school .. but then I switched to squash, because it was always raining! and in those days we didn't have indoor courts. But Wimbledon I watch a fair amount of .. and if the Grand Slam finals are on .. then I try and watch those.

That tall lad .. is John Isner, college educated, and he'll be all over the chat shows - well you've probably missed him now?! But I'd think he's made for life .. from this one match .. his ranking is 18 - but see Wikipedia .. just to make sure you don't miss out - go here!!:

Enjoy?! Byeeeee .. thanks for the visit - always great to see you .. happy days .. Hilary

Sara said...


I watched that marathon match between Mahut and Isner at this year's Wimbledon. It was unbelievable and I didn't want either of them to lose. Unfortunately, sports doesn't work that way.

My daughter and her husband are great fans of cricket. I've haven't the bug yet, even though my daughter has tried patiently to explain the game. I definitely need the book, Cricket for Dummies:~)

As usual, it's been fun to stop by and learn new things from you.

Hope all is well:~)

Patricia said...

I love to watch tennis and kept checking on Wimbledon on my computer. It was something my youngest child and I would do - she would get up at 4 or 5 in the morning and I would make breakfast when I got up and she would catch me up - It was something we would do together. But now not TV again in my life. I too thought my youngest might be a professional tennis player as she almost won the state title and got quite a scholarship to college, which she gave up to NOT be on the team. Still makes me sad.

My Mother was always so proud of the Queen and her pose and grace.

The salmon picture is lovely and we have a restaurant here that serves it that way...the rest of the food sounds gorgeous and elegant.

Berries of any kind are high on my list.

My mum watched hours of C-span TV...she loved the debates and small group investigations of the Senate and House of Representative - she was hopeful that the cads of government would get smarter and listen to what was being said...but apparently according to her in her last days - they were deaf and dumb!

Hope your mum's journey is keeping her comfortable - thank you for the updates.
Great post

Karen Lange said...

This was interesting - follow tennis somewhat, and I think I actually remember the match with Billie Jean and Martina. And of course, who could forget John M.? :)

Have a wonderful week!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sara .. I watched some of it .. but it was incredible the standard they were able to keep up – concentration and aces .. I have to say I was spellbound when I did watch .. more because of their ability to focus at that stage of the game. Think of playing for 11 hours .. even if it is over three days – the stamina!?

Ungh ungh .. just look at my tea towel link from last year – as set out in the post above .. and all will be explained on the game of cricket .. it is entitled Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Midday Sun .. that will set the tone for the tea towel explanation!?!?!?

Cricket for Dummies .. definitely not required! I expect your daughter and hubbie are taking full advantage of village green cricket with the pub just there ...?

Anyway .. glad you’ve enjoyed the light relief of a few new things .. and it’s good to see you back .. enjoy the week – and we’re fine – thanks very much .. with a hug from here .. Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Patricia .. you’re a star .. writing so much commentary .. excellent to read etc. Your youngest was obviously very good .. but perhaps in her mind’s eye .. not quite good enough to warrant that final push – everything else does or can get obliterated .. and she obviously wanted to do other things.

I remember you said your mother was always so admiring of the Queen .. she has set a very good example.

It looks like SuZen will be over soon to try the salmon .. and see how it’s made – if you read this will you travel west, SuZen? As you say the menu sounded very simple but rather good and the berries are excellent news.

My mother doesn’t watch the tv .. only when I put on some sport – as she likes sport .. or some of the pageantry we have here .. but my next post throws a little light on deaf and dumb ..

Thank you .. we’re fine – we do what we can .. and I’d love her hearing to come back .. but let’s hope .. so many thanks for your caring thoughts ..and delighted you enjoyed the post .. with a hug or two - Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Karen ..thank you .. it’s good to catch up once a year .. as Wimbledon comes round .. and those matches of years ago .. seem so exciting then .. I guess we were younger and so felt more involved .. now I watch – but not fully engrossed usually.

We can’t forget Billie Jean, Martina or John Mac .. they pop up every year on BBC .. and it’s great to see those players of long ago .. grow and become who they are today .. a learning curve for us all ..

You too – have a fun time .. all the best and thanks for coming by - Hilary

Chase March said...

That headline is pretty impressive. Journalists can't ever resist those puns, can they?

I've never really paid much attention to tennis. Thanks for the lesson.

Blue Bunny said...

deer hilree, i shur hops my jannie dont reed the part about all the foods at wimbeldin, like the millefueles and choklit kreems and chikins and wine and all that other stuffs. wen my jannie reeds about new foods she always wanting me to cook for her mutch, butt i wants to go and play with jazmeen in my spair times.

oh well, i maeks my jannie some mackaronni and she mite be happee wit that. and por she some mor wines.

gotta go now.

wit lovves.


Jannie Funster said...

Hi Hilary!

I like the Queen's message for Peace very much. I guess it's been 38 years now since I saw her in a very small town in Canada. She was wearing yellow.

And it is amazing how sport can bring out the best in nations and its' peoples. Be great to get all countries involved in some good honest sport.

Tell BB -- it was no use -- I did indeed read about ALL that yummy food. But macaroni will be fine with me. As long as he pours some nice wine. :)

Be well my dear!


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Chase .. thank you re the headline .. that particular one I thought was great .. some of the others are so obvious and .....

You’re out with your helmet on ... enjoying the skate parks, or the cycle paths around London, Ontario .. somewhat understandable if tennis isn’t your first interest! But glad the lesson had a bit of interest!

Enjoy the week .. Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

H BB – u duz noes ur jannie donts u? .. all those gud foods .. duz u dooo de cookings .. dats gud to know! I tink running around wiv Jazmeen .. would be mutch more funs .. enjoys.

She had macaronis for her suppers did she .. me .. I had rices ... byse bye for now .. anuver coffee for me now .. u too .. havs a gud playing day with Jazmeen ..... Hilree ..... xoxoxox

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jannie ... thanks .. her speech did seem to encompass everything. & you got to see her all those years ago .. that must have been quite an event .. We had a Princess – years ago – visit part of Oxford and we had to line up outside the school and wave flags!

I think that’s right we all get to know about different nations, their traditions and their cultures if we’re participating together .. the Olympics seems to embody this in some ways .. and if we could have sport without violence wherever it’s played that would be wonderful ..

Oh oh .. you read the foodie part did you .. it seems like the kind of menu we plan for friends or family visits .. so your macaroni sounds just great for a Tuesday night! I suspect BB wants to play ... so the vino will be poured – then he’s free!

You too .. all well here ... enjoy the rest of the week .. now you’ve remembered Kelly’s Xray date! Happy times to all ... xoxox Hilary

Anonymous said...

Its been a memorable month for sports. You can pencil in the baseball All-Star game too. The marathon tennis match was amazing to follow. I would have had to send out my stunt double to finish the mathc.

Stephen Tremp

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Stephen .. you're right 'memorable' is the word .. and the baseball All-Star game .. I've never understood baseball .. a little like cricket for Americans in this country. You're right a stunt double .. mine would have to grow over a foot and half! Or perhaps I should learn to talk French and take the smaller one on ..

Thanks for coming by .. enjoy the rest of the week .. with your new branding ideas and I'll keep an eye open for the baseball game ... Hilary

Paul said...

Whenever I happen to catch BBC reporting on sports like cricket or rugby I always enjoy the sensation of being able to tell that they're reporting on sports while having no idea what the terms mean. And even though it's English! Very odd...

Sibyl - alternaview said...

Hilary: What great descriptions you shared. I feel as if I had the personal experience without even being there. That is always the best. There are still people at my office that are still 100% excited about all the great competition that has been happening and the records that have been set. Thanks for the up and close look. Always so interesting to read your posts.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Paul .. I guess your thoughts apply to me and basketball .. I have no idea!! The terms are centuries old .. a great many of them.

There's the world championships for Lacrosse this week .. that started with the Iriquois in North America .. they have problems with their passport challenges and can't get here ..

Terminology is so interesting .. learning the history of our language .. etymology, I suppose!

Good to see you here - thanks for visiting .. and I hope all is well with you .. Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sibyl .. thank you! Well if I gave you the flavour of being 'here' and you could tie that in with the conversations of your fellow office workers - then that gives me great pleasure. It was an amazing fortnight .. and just glad you enjoyed the extra information etc

Thanks for being here .. have a good week .. Hilary

Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Hilary,

I'm not a tennis fan, but when the Queen was visiting in the States I thought of you. How ironic you shared a quip about her trip in this post. Hopefully she enjoyed her stay.

((hugs)) and best wishes to you and your mom. Enjoy the summer days and your week, as well.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Barbara .. if you're not a tennis fan - many thanks for visiting! It all seemed to tie in rather well - except Canada had our weather .. bucketing rain .. but the Royals seem to cope! I'm sure she enjoyed seeing Canada and all the changes, while feeling sad about Ground Zero, but encouraging the world to believe in itself and let the peoples come together in peace.

Let's hope the world does .. thank you re my Ma .. we will, except it's slightly damp now?! Hugs to you as you enjoy the summer with your family .. Hilary

Mandy Allen said...

Hi Hilary, great post, just took me right there. I have been a few times to Wimbledon, but favourite place used to be the Eastbourne tournament just before Wimbledon. It was very homely. And I Britain won a trophy this year! Let's hope Farquharson and Broady can play as well when they reach the men's tournaments!

Enjoy the journey.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mandy .. thank you .. did you realise I live in Eastbourne .. about 200 yards from the courts? I didn't get there this year due to lots going on .. first time since I've been living here on my return from SA? It is very homely .. but the men are here too now?!

We did win a trophy .. the youngsters are doing quite well .. it would be good if we can have a few winners in the tennis enclosure?! Laura Robson isn't bad either ..

Great to see you .. perhaps we can meet here next year? Life should be slightly more settled ..?!

All the best .. enjoy the rain now?! We needed it .. but the gales are a bit much ..

Oh yes - we have County week down here next week .. so I hope it dries up a little for them ..

Enjoy the weekend .. all the best - Hilary

Vered said...

That lunch menu sounds amazing! I'm suddenly craving salmon sashimi :)

Joyce said...

The Queen seems to really have exceptional health! I could remember how she looked like since I was small and it's surprising she still seems to look the same! ;)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Vered .. thanks for the visit .. it does sound rather delicious .. I agree .. and salmon sashimi I must try sometime ... perhaps I'll come over and have lunch with you?! Enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joyce .. thanks for coming over .. yes - I too remember the Queen from many years ago and how she's relatively unchanged.

I guess keeping busy, occupied and interested in world affairs keeps her and the Royal family happy and healthy .. together with a fair amount of exercise .. all things we need to look after our bodies and brains.

Good to see you - thank you .. Hilary

Evelyn Lim said...

I don't follow tennis matches all that much. So this is an interesting read for me! Thanks for sharing!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Evelyn .. glad you enjoyed it .. that's the most important thing!! Sport isn't everyone's favourite .. I enjoy Wimbledon .. but just loved that I was able to bring in so many other aspects .. that tied in. Good to see you here - and thanks for visiting .. Hilary

Keith Davis said...

Hi Hilary
What a Summer of sport it's been.
World cup, Wimbledon and today the finish of the Open - I'm loving every minute of it and my wife and daughter will watch most sports - not football.
Wimbledon was far more exciting than the World Cup, which was a big disappointment especially from the England team.
The longest set was fantastic - still can't believe the score. Not such great finals perhaps but still good.

Judging by the comments... you've got a lot of sports fans reading your blog.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Keith .. it has hasn't it .. the football did not interest me at all - except it was in South Africa .. so brought back some memories - but seems to have been fairly successful - I just hope the word legacy applies!

That's good the rest of the family is sort of watching with you - I've got the golf on .. while I shred and pack. Mum enjoys the sports too - something different to do for her.

Wimbledon was amazing I must say - so glad I've recorded my version! You're right the finals weren't so good .. but the rest was amazing, especially having the Queen and all the tennis greats there.

Thanks .. I hope they're cosmopolitan in their interests - they certainly seem to be - I've got a lot of wonderful commenters .. very lucky.

Enjoy the rest of the golf .. who's going to win - the South African?! & they're swimming .. the wind is cold off the Channel down here .. so I guess it must be pretty chilly in Scotland.

Enjoy this evening and the week ahead .. thanks for being here - Hilary

Will Burke said...

I've never been a huge sports fan, but I appreciate it's (possible) diplomatic function, especially with the more civilized sports, like tennis or rowing.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Will .. thanks for visiting .. yes rowing goes into the polite and diplomatic sports .. like the golfers yesterday always taking their hats off to shake hands. Rowing certainly seems to be a gentlemanly sport .. did you ever do any?

Good to see and thanks for popping by - have a good week .. Hilary

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lloyd .. thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed seeing some of my posts. I appreciate the visit and the follow. All the best - Hilary

Liara Covert said...

One perspective is that winning and losing are states of mind imagined to perpetuate suffering. This tells us a wonderful lessons about nature and joy. They are not captured through competition. Encourage you to watch this one hour excerpt, a perspective from a Buddhist monk in Western Australia who was actually born in the UK-

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Liara .. thanks for the link across to the Buddhist Monk .. I shall enjoy listening sometime soon ..

I look forward to seeing the lesson about nature and joy and how that links with winning and losing ..

All the best - have a lovely day .. Hilary