Sunday, 25 January 2009

Background to positive letters .. attitude

Mum is still tired today after her mini fit yesterday .. but tomorrow is a big day for her ..she can have something to drink - well a thickened & flavoured mix (this could be dangerous) .. so I suggested she have a good sleep - but once again was concerned about me! .. if she goes to sleep perhaps I can too - bless her. I said that I was over my jet lag finally - it's taken 4 nights to settle back in.

I'd like to enlighten you how I've made my Ma's life interesting for the past 2 years lying in various hospital beds .. & to let you know her attitude to life .. & how she's helped me maintain my positive attitude to all that's going on.

This has had spin offs .. as her cousins, friends, carers etc have all reacted to those positive letters and stories & stimulated my ideas & thus my Ma's mind - which all helps us make each visit interesting ...


  1. Hillary: I continue to be blessed by your faithfulness to your MOM. God bless you!

  2. Hi Jazques .. thanks so much for your continued interest .. how's Claudette? (I hope her name is right?)

  3. Go yours wrong though & forgot to correct it!!