Friday, 23 January 2009

Healing - fesh flowers ...

Yesterday I took up some fresh tulips & daffodils .. which have brightened up Mum's life - though, Janice's flowers from the garden are still there (our Healer) .. Mum knew their names .. Janice didn't!! White camellias, white heather & purple periwinkle (which to my surprise has lasted) - while the tulips I bought are orangey yellow - two varieties .. plain & the fluffy parrot type: the fluffy ones have more than tulip head .. there are another one or two down the stem - I've never seen that before - have you .. gardeners of the world?!

Mum was delighted & always thanks me .. though she remembers that Janice brought in the others while I was away. One of the Chaplains came to say prayers with my Ma & Alison said we always have such wonderful fresh flowers & it's always a pleasure being in the room ... I think the staff are always popping in when we have scented varieties.


  1. Hi Hilary,

    Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, but I have never seen a variety of the one you described. You'll have to post a picture of it next time for us.
    Fresh flowers always do the trick to instantly uplifting the spirits. It's alway wonderful to bring a bit of nature inside. :-)

    Many Blessings....
    Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve

  2. Ah ah .. now you pose me a challenge .. my digital camera & flip video are a mere technical blip on my horizon ..

    the tulips maybe too .. whether they will materialise again in the flower sellers buckets remains to be seen .. I'll see what I can do .. as I need to learn this too ..

    Yes - flowers are wonderful & we've never been without them .. even if it's was just one rose .. in the Acute Brai Injury Unit .. we weren't meant to bring flowers in ... but a licence was forgotten about for us .. & again Mum loved the single flower ..

    & I am blessed by you .. thanks .. Hilary