Friday 19 July 2024

Blue Moon Rising solved … Suspended Coffee anyone?


Originally I could only think of David Niven's memoir 'The Moon's a Balloon' – which on the cover of the French version appears as rising blue and white moon rays …

However 'My Blue Moon' tethered the other day on Eastbourne College's playing fields was a fundraising campaign to provide more school bursaries for children from all backgrounds – they are aiming for 40 fully funded pupil bursaries.

Having friends who used to work at the College, or friends and family who either went there themselves, or sent their children to the school – I hadn't realised that Nigel Lawson's son, once our Chancellor of the Exchequer … and Nigella Lawson's father, is the headmaster: Tom Lawson. Also I'd no idea he lived down here …

Eastbourne College - with 'its balloon'

Tom Lawson appeared with his wife in the 'Blue Moon', which did not rise – as a promotion for this new appeal.

The College was founded 157 years by the town's philanthropic doctor, with support from the local residents.

Bandstand in 2005

The Balloon tethered at the College, and the Bandstand concert in the evening, were the 'headlines' announcing their Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal … including regular giving, one-off gifts, or a financial legacy … however small or large …

The Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal has been based on the Caffè Sospeso film … whereby when a coffee is bought, another is included in the price – so deserving customers can have a free coffee …

Container in Naples where the
'Surprise' receipts can be dropped

Paying it Forward style with an added beneficial twist … and with that long-term commitment added in … I hope they succeed for the kids who could benefit from the Appeal.

I have to say I couldn't quite get to grips with the Caffè Sospeso (coffee suspended) film … but obviously the concept is working around the world.

Volume One bookshop in Duncan, Canada
My mind is scattered … around much going on, much coming up … and the usual – my curiosity … so I need to get to grips with my typing fingers!

Thanks for visiting … and I will be around soon – the fingers promise!

Our logo for five years of 
encouraging posts that we blogged about
You might remember my WATWB post in 2018, about the chap who paid for my groceries – when I quietly nearly died of embarrassment … that post resonated with many of you … after I confirmed I'd paid it forward with a book voucher to a local Early Learning Day Care Centre.

Wikipedia's entry for Caffè Sospeso

Hilary Melton-Butcher

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Tuesday 2 July 2024

Blue Moon Rising ... or not ...


To look out of my third floor flat window and see a blue ball rearing its ugly or beautiful nose over the rooves … was a bit of a surprise.

Church Tower ahead, Town Hall clock
distantly on the left - but I can hear its chimes,
when the wind is in the right direction ... 

I know we're into yellow/green ball season – which I'm very happy has arrived … bringing back lovely memories of summer days playing tennis, Wimbledon, and now Eastbourne – while watching some (a lot!) on the tv … but only in the summertime and on the grass.

... and here behind the branches you can
just see the College's tower
So that blue ball … I thought might rise high into the air – but no … it floated around – hiding behind the church tower, before peeping out the other side … but obviously tethered to an unimportant part of the playing fields (cricket) in front of Eastbourne College.

It's a-rising ... two halves ... 
It blew itself up, backed down … as the day went on – but never rose into the sky to meet one of its yellow mates high, high above … and most definitely wasn't as interesting as the ones Elephant Child's finds for us.

As I walked down the road - up it bobbed
But it amused … the thought that sprang to mind for this very non-musical blogger … was as you might have guessed 'Bad Moon Rising' … by Creedence Clearwater Revival …

What interested me though … when I had a look at their Wiki page … was one of their early names … totally infra-dig now-a-days … was a character originally drawn by Florence Kate Upton that was around for nearly 70 years … but certainly came into my childhood memories …

Tethered to the main playing
field ... 
We're about to hit our election polls … and then what next – I really don't want to think – here, I guess, we'll get on with things … but I do 'worry' about what's happening elsewhere … so with apologies to Creedence Clearwater Revival …

I see the blue moon a-risin' …

I see trouble on the way

I see earthquakes and lightnin'

I see bad times today …

... probably tomorrow … or the days a-followin' …

what will be will be …

A slightly better view of the College's
buildings ... it's lovely to walk by on 
my way to town (behind the other church 
tower that rears up between the buildings)

Eastbourne tennis had three wonderful very sunny days, then the wind blew for 2 days, before easing up for finals … being by the seaside has its fun!

Happy summer days, or winter days as EC loves, to you all – I'll stick with my summer ones for now … yet true to form ... it's drizzling!

Elephant's Child - Balloon Spectacular 2020, Canberra, Australia 

Hilary Melton-Butcher

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