Monday, 2 March 2009

David and Chad, sow peas good and bad ...

Dear Mr Postman - how wonderful another positive letter .. it's about Saints and other snippets of history .. thank you - we do enjoy your informative letters ...

An old proverb meaning that one should sow peas by the saints' days on the first and second day of March regardless of the weather conditions. St David's day is 1st March, while St Chad is the 2nd March.

Interestingly - a friend's son is called Chad, and his grandparents come from Lincolnshire .. & I think his birthday is today .. another child called after their Saint's Day .. are you? I also didn't know there was a Saint Chad .. another snippet of information that my mother will be interested in ...

Chad was born early in the 600s, in the north of England, soon after St David died, becoming the first bishop of Mercia in Lichfield. During the last three years of his life he founded a monastery in Lincolnshire and continued to be true to his reputation of piety and humility.

Do you remember the 1940s UK cartoon 'Chad' .. also known as 'Kilroy' ... a small, round head with a long nose poking over the top of a wall, with a complaint about shortages ... eg "Wot no sausages?" ... I remember doodling chads many years ago .. one thing I could vaguely draw .. did you have the same problems I had with drawing .. even doodling wasn't really an option?!

Thank you Mr Postman .. my mother remembers the Chad cartoon during the war .. and laughed when I showed her the picture .. - thank you again for your positive letter ...


Jacques said...

Interesting. I have always loved history and especially England the surrounding countries. Hope to vist some dat.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi jacques .. thanks for the post .. I hope to make the blog eclectically interesting .. so you won't know what to expect .. except interesting thoughts around various subjects .. which can be turned into small articles etc ..

Thanks for visiting .. I appreciate your comments & please come and see me too .. we have lots of castles down here .. 1066 & all that countryside ..

Jerry Braack said...

Hi Hilary,
As usual your letter is good reading! I am still blogging and also have taken on another responsibility for myself... renewing my life insurance license. I have been studying the necessary information to make that an additional reality in my life.

I look forward to helping people recover some of their losses from 2008.

I have also re-designed my website...stop my and let me know what you think. I put a lot of grabbing colors!
Talk to you soon

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jerry .. thanks for your approval!

I've been posting on your blog .. and good for you that you're renewing your licence at this troublesome time - so you can help people. I'll also look at your revamped website.

It'll be good to see you back ..
Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy

Peter Baca said...


One of the things that I enjoy about your blog is that it is so different than most blogs! Your sense of Britain comes thru in a positive way.

Keep up the good work!


Pete Baca

The Car Enthusiast Online

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

H Pete .. many thanks - that's what I'm aiming for .. it'll be eclectic .. so everyone will look forward to coming back is my intention!

So great .. to have you sharing my thoughts ..

All the best Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy