Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Harsh Bitter Wet Heritage = anagram .. for what?

My mother always loves the stories I find about the weather .. and when we have a bad bout .. we have a good laugh and remember the old days .. I've just found this anagram^ .. I have to say I obviously had one of those blind moments and completely missed it in the article* the first two or three times round .. happy hopeless Hilary! Well, well figured it out yet? ... & I learnt another word .. "snit" .. = informally a state of agitation or irritation - original unknown.

We seem to be having our fair share of poor winter weather .. lots of snow & driving rain with gale force winds .. it's been a miserable winter, but as my mother feels the heat .. I've been grateful .. as we still have the window open & the fan on occasionally! Last year was a cool summer and I do hope we have the same this year .. well for my Ma I do ...

In Britain, what isn't affected by the weather? .. I've had some wonderful days during the time I was in London visiting my mother .. the kind of thing when you're tired, exhausted, emotionally shattered and just plain want to be tucked up at home in bed .. but there's the small challenge of a journey home by train .. in a torrential downpour* .. I did get back by hook or by crook .. I was on the last train through - thank goodness .. the train paddled its way through a flood - steam pouring out from under the carriages and sparks flying out .. I was grateful to be home!

The articles* are quite fun and I'll type them up and post them for you to read in the next few days .. I'm sure you'll enjoy them .. they bring in a bit of history .. - who knows what they'll be writing about us in 200 to 500 years time .. technological rain perhaps?

^ Anagram: Harsh Bitter Wet Heritage = The Great British Weather


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Just an addendum .. my mother, when I saw her yesterday and was telling her about the anagram, .. said "have you remembered LD's book she gave you?" .. that was Christmas 2007!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary

Great I am excited to read a little bit of history :-) I always wonder if you English love the weather you have over there. When I was in London I only got rain once, but I got the feeling I was lucky.
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gio .. thanks for visiting .. & if we love the weather .. well we can't get away from it .. lovely post coming up a few days -

I thought I'd go off in the direction of flowers today .. & murder!!

All the best Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy