Wednesday 11 February 2009

Stimulation for stroke victims .. cards being easily accessible

Now that my Ma has to be 'upright' in order to have her sips of lemon .. she can see the walls* of cards, pictures etc .. loads of them! Her eyesight is really not bad - it's quite difficult perhaps to work out which card she's talking about .. as her descriptions may not be quite right - but she knows what's there!! I've put them up on threads (Christmas card type) with gold & silver pegs, or with velco strips & the cards are stuck on that way ... so I can take all the cards down & read them as Mum selects them: & we always laugh .. the most important bit ...

We've filtered the cards .. Mum selecting which ones she wants to keep .. & the others I've given for therapy or craft in the Home; she does seem to 'roam' around looking at them .. but quite often asking about the same ones .. it's a useful tool, as it keeps Mum interested in her friends and relations. We can only use two walls .. as Mum can't see the rest of the walls due to her left sided neglect and the strokes have affected her neck muscles.

Yesterday morning while Mum was so 'busy' she'd received a letter ..but didn't want me to read it - however I did & showed her the card - you'd think she'd forget wouldn't you? When I returned in the afternoon Mum asked me to read Anne's card again .. the one with the 'tree' .. amazing she could remember what the card look liked & that a letter had arrived! She was still "terribly busy" and in fact didn't want all her lemon, as she was so busy. Today - who knows?!


"CW" said...

You really take me back to when Dad was in his last days, thank you. it was horrible and wonderful at the same time. It was atime I shared with my brother and sister that can never be duplicated.
I can actually see sou and your mom with all the cards around. Keep it up lady; it really helps those who are experiencing similar situations.

Anonymous said...

When Grandpa was alive, craig and I used to bring photos of our party and trips to show him. And that always lift Grandpa's spirit. Cards and letters are great.

Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi CW ..thanks v much - the cards really do help and stimulate Mum. Yes this time is so precious and I'm learning so much about different things - family, her first husband's family, life in general, philosophy! - you name it we cover it!! I appreciate your comments re bringing back positive memories for you and for encouraging others -

very grateful - Hilary Be positive Be Happy

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gio .. thanks for that .. yes it does make sick people seeing & hearing about happy times .. not having husband or children .. is slightly limiting! However I seem to be able to cover all sorts of topics of life .. there can be no limits!! Mum's mind is open particularly to laughter ..

Thank you for commenting - Hilary Be Positive Be Happy