Friday 27 February 2009

Skeleton Coast - Namib Desert - Gondwanaland

Dear Mr Postman .. thank you for your letter today .. life is not easy at the moment .. and we need some positive letter input - so we're very pleased to see you ..

I don't often feel so low... my poor mother .. but to cheer us up .. I showed my mother the posters I'd had printed up .. and she was appreciative .. I have to ask a taller person to put them on the ceiling!!

The Smoke That Thunders .. or Victoria Falls - founded by David Livingstone in 1855, and which he named in honour of Queen Victoria. She seemed to really like this picture & I hope she'll be able to weave lots of stories into the plummeting water, the rich jungle rain forest, the rainbow with its surrounding Falls and imagine the African animals in the countryside beyond the Falls.

The other picture is of the Namib Desert. This part of the world is really interesting .. an amazing place - where a footprint will stay in the sand for 100 years .. you don't wander off! About 150 million years ago the supercontinent, Gondwanaland, of the southern hemisphere began to break apart as the African and South American continents slowly drifted away from each other. Identical lava flows appear in Brazil and in Namibia supporting the continental drift theory.

We had a trip into the northern parts of Namibia - to the Skeleton Coast & environs .. it is absolutely fantastic - beautiful coloured dunes - it is difficult to visualise a greater contrast than a desert meeting an ocean: But such extremes can be seen here, where the Namib pushes a sea of hot sand into the cold, cold waters of the South Atlantic. It is so called because of the dismal fate of castaways from ships wrecked here due to rough weather, mirages, hope of land .. but they were doomed to endure searing heat, cold clammy mists, total solitude, and no drinking water or shelter.....

Once again thank you for delivering these happy memories to us Mr Postman - we'll feel better when we see you tomorrow ...

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