Sunday 1 February 2009

Informative Snail Mail & emails .. enlightening others to the possibilities of this situation ..

The most important thing when someone is ill is to be positive & some of my jottings, notes, thoughts, chats with my mother and others I convert into letters out to family & friends, which cause positive letters back to us, & I hope get others to think differently about life in troublesome times & generally make me think about life. We have lots of laughs too .. I try and keep ahead of the game, by being ready with interesting bits of information which will amuse my Ma.

I'd love to know how the brain works .. my Ma is quite extraordinary - she is so positive and tells me what to do with the bulbs that I've brought her so she can see the real thing grow .. eg snowdrops (put them in the cold!!), & a hyancinth bulb .. I thought would have a scent .. but I suspect is going to be unscented. She knows the names of flowers .. telling her Healer, the names when Janice kindly brought some winter flowers in from her garden, when I was away.

Today we watched a bit of the Australian Open Mens' Final .. & Mum was saying doesn't the umpire look like Steve Redgrave our 5 times Olympic Rower!! Then she said hasn't he (the rower) got diabetes .. & isn't he lucky having a wife as a doctor .. where does her brain store these things .. after 3 major strokes & 2 years in bed? Also she remembers Federer & Nadal & she asked about Andy Murray .. the British (Scottish) player ...

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