Friday 6 February 2009

Smell the flowers .. spell the flowers! .. tell a funny story or two ...

I've put yesterday behind me .. & my Ma was fine & wide awake on arrival ... so she had her lemon drink before Janice, our Healer arrived. I'd brought fresh flowers up yesterday .. some scented narcissi, with lovely egg yolk yellow centres, daffodils (which take a few days to come out - so we spread the viewing), purple anemones & astrolomeria (Alstroemeira) (spelling is not right! - I'll have to ask my Ma later on! It is now!). We smelt the flowers and discussed them .. & I said guess where the anemones come from ..??? - they are grown prolifically in Cornwall & we all love them ... Israel, I said: straight away my Ma responds "how ridiculous"! .. and starts laughing.

When Janice arrived she told us a funny story .. which had Mum laughing again .. A radio show host asked what's the shortest time you've ever worked in a job? .. and a chap rang in & said 2 1/2 hours .... so the presenter asked why .. what happened, did you walk out? The man said .. no .. that wasn't the problem .. he was picking tomatoes & had done really well - his basket was full of green tomatoes ...- he was colour blind!! So he was sacked!! We all laughed.

Mum piped up and said Tim, when he was at Uni, was asked by a good friend if he liked his new suit .. Tim was a bit non-plussed as he with visual horror looked at this brand new shiny suit and was completely taken aback .. & said to his friend .. well if you like pink!!! .. it's fine!! While she was telling this positive story .. Mum was laughing all the time.

Isn't it great to be able to have such a great take on life .. & each day .. I do not know what's coming next!!


Joanne Utke said...

Not any of us no what is comming next life is so predictable and unpreticable at the same time if that makes any sence!

Great blog and thank you for all of your comments and keeping in touch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary
You mom is an amazing woman :-) Thank you so much for sharing a little of her with us everyday.
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne .. thanks for participating & sharing this journey. We absolutely do not know what's coming & my mother's situation is extremely unusual .. but fortunately makes the whole experience tolerable & fun at times .. & I shall have positive memories

Thanks for your support - Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gio .. Yes I too am always amazed & ready to be surprised .. which makes her journey so much happier I hope.

Thanks for thinking of us - Hilary

Anonymous said...

Hillary: I like the new look of your blog. You will be able to write a book about your advertures with your Mom!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Thanks Jacques .. I appreciate your support - and yes that's what our San Diego group thought in January when we met up .. - she can really mix and match tings in her life .. even now!

Peter Baca said...


Your mom is such a fighter! She hangs in there in the most difficult situations. Hang in there too!

Best Regards

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Peter - thanks so much for joining my list of followers .. & I hope you'll be able to add some positive stories to help others too.

Yes .. she's always been a fighter .. & I say .. some of it must have rubbed off! It can be such fun & the only way to get through is to laugh and we do lots of that ..

Thanks for supporting us - I'm very grateful - Hilary Be Positive Be Happy