Monday 2 February 2009

Nail Cutting in the snow ... what next??

My Ma seems to have a 'new lease of life' since she's started having her lemon .. and we had a daughterly session this morning .. having her drink & cutting her nails .. in the bright, white light of the snow! Drink first she said .. & we had interludes .. I cut one hand .. then more drink .. I need to make sure it's gone down properly .. anyway I moved to the other side of the bed to do her stroked hand .. & Mum comments .. well you'll find it easier now .. you're not standing in your own light!! Her comments are always so apposite!

She sent me on way to see my uncle & make sure he was ok in this weather .. it's really not too terrible down here .. but we were meant to have a meeting today so the rest of the family & Janice, our Healer, could pass the test to give my Ma her lemon drink - that was cancelled as London & Brighton were 'snowed in'!!

So it's me x 7 x 2 or 3 .. for another week!! Mum said I'll try your apple & we discussed the various sorts .. she was quite keen to have my slightly thick one .. & was quite keen that I should puree some raspberries she could have a raspberry drink - she decided she didn't like the sound of tinned ones .. but having had sugar in her tea .. I do not know?!


Anonymous said...

This letter reminded me of what it took my grandmother after a stroke to get walking and talking again. It was a huge struggle, since she, as a lot of other people who find themselves in the same situation, focused on the state she was in, on the current situation. But it wasn't until she started shifting her thinking, believing she can get better and noticing other things around her that she started recovering and getting better. It took her a long time to start swallowing again, after that talking and then everything else. She was tough...and so are you and your mother. I admire you for being so strong and being there by her side at all times.
Take care!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Stella .. thank you for your comment & I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier. It's hugely stressful for most strokes patients .. & my mother was like that at the beginning ..but then the other strokes kicked in and she will never rise from her bed - but her brain has the power now .. & she keeps herself overly busy. We at least can communicate & that's a huge blessing .. thanks for your thoughts ..

All the best - Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy