Sunday 8 February 2009

Stimulation for stroke patients .. what does the patient want - they're the most important ..

Yesterday we didn't start off too well but Janice, our Healer, and I were there together & my mother was very grateful and said it was lovely we were there for her & were such patient loving souls and thanked us profusely. We still laughed gently together too.

Janice had asked if there was a book on flowers - something that she could chat with my mother about .. as now she will be giving my Ma her drink .. & there'll be time for interesting discussion in between, while we check each teaspoon, or few teaspoons have gone down properly.

So I've brought up a box of gardening topics = as they're in card format - my mother can hold one of those up & look at it .. she hasn't got much strength for anything else - they are divided into various categories .. so will educate Janice! & my Ma will add to our education .. as she corrected (as I thought) my spelling of Alstroemeira (the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas)!!

The Bedside Book of the Garden .. will provide Mum with some interesting eclectic snippets of information .. including "how to mow a lawn" .. something we did a lot of at home! Then there's a booklet on our top 50 UK birds .. which for some reason I had to index!! So we didn't know if Skylark was in there .. one of my Ma's favourites at the moment .. so Wikipedia came to the rescue as it does quite often.

It is one of the most important lessons I have learnt .. is to keep my mother's brain stimulated and interested .. so all kinds of ideas get put by for me to read to her as we go along .. = Hilary's snippets .. keeps me occupied (as if I need it!), and interests me & our friends and relatives .. who always comment on my positive letters ....


Unknown said...

Hi Hilary - Happy weekend! Your article reminded me when my mother was attending my father in hospital. I could even envision your mother and you. Hear warming stories. Thank you!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Thanks Shaw .. yes we have a good relationship .. nattering away about a whole range of subjects .. & she keeps the staff busy occupied with intelligent comments & they laugh - which is good for them too!! Thank goodness for laughter. I hope it brings back happy memories for you of our parents & if we did that .. then it's great. I appreciate your comments - positive memories Hilary