Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Introduction: the blessings ....Positive Letters and stories ...

First we had that initial month, when my mother was ‘alright’ and was still able to be actively involved (though you’ll see that has not stopped as the months go on .. but that’s the story!) In that month we were able to have an Enduring Power of Attorney drawn up – fortunately our lives are simple – there’s only the three of us + two wives .. one of whom is a lawyer = lucky, and our mother agreed and authorised those decisions.

Blessing number two .. my mother, when the major strokes came, was admitted into the Acute Brain Injury Unit – so she had first class care; perhaps Blessing number one, now 3 .. should have been that Barbara & Tim live in that part of London, could easily visit, & where UCH and the ABIU are situated, with all their contiguous facilities – particularly the level of care.?!

Blessing number 4 – is the fact that the Chaplaincy was excellent and regularly on hand with a sympathetic ear at the ready for the patients and family. Blessing number 5 – is that miraculously despite being bedridden, my mother is able to communicate.

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