Thursday, 22 January 2009

Connection .. global friends ... Care of Uncle!

New friends .. amazing how quickly one can connect with people around the world with similar interests who are already supporting me - I just love this internet & the ability to share my experiences with people who care, but also who've been through similar challenges & can understand. I'm looking forward to hearing positive stories from everyone .. & sharing ideas -

My uncle, 87, was out when I visited - but I let myself in & sorted out his fridge & stores - so that it was 'fresh' & left the shopping I'd bought. He's always so appreciative and he gets 'interesting' foods .. that he probably wouldn't buy himself, as he's pretty slow at getting around & has macular degeneration .. so it's good to visit as I can keep an eye on the house, and him!

They returned just in time for coffee & so the five of us had coffee & a chat - he loves company, but more importantly I'm back & his security blanket is there in case of need. I dropped in to see my Ma on my way home & she was cheerful and pleased I'd seen Derek.

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