Saturday, 24 January 2009

Strokes ... and subsequent mini fits ..

Today .. my poor Ma had a mini fit .. an occurrence for people with strokes - it doesn't happen too often, as she's on medication - but I'm pleased I was with her. She doesn't appear to have any pain .. but can feel it - it affects her eyes/ eyelids & the left side of her face; this time she didn't have a flush - so didn't need cold flannels to cool her off.

Once I'd established she was ok, despite her face felt a bit funny, she drifted off to sleep; I came back after a couple of hours & she vaguely came too .. sufficiently to say she was alright - tired but ok. Again I left & returned 2 - 3 hours later.

She was still tired (understandably) .. but we had a brief chat .. & she can still see & communicate (a relief) and asked me about various things - some sensible .. some a bit off the wall - but 'go with flow' ... it makes no difference to me; then I reconfirmed she was ok - but she then shifted to how I was .. had I had enough sleep? was I over my jet lag? don't worry about her fit - she feels ok "it wasn't serious" - the staff will take care of her .. my mother is a tower of strength .. she just wants to get on with life .. not leave it .. a great attribute - don't you think?


scheng1 said...

Glad to hear that she's so courageous and caring. I think she is at peace with herself, and extremely appreciative of what life has to offer.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Scheng1 - thank you for coming to this post - somehow, you are right, she has accepted peace and is appreciative of what we can do for her ..

It's kind of you to come back here and be supportive .. very grateful - Hilary