Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hilary's Snippets .....what are glasses?

Dear Mr Postman .. it is good to see .. and this time I have a story to tell you .. perhaps we'll have a letter shortly .. my mother does like seeing you - a ray of hope!

Yesterday when I was up with my Ma .. and was able to give a little of her lemon 'drink' .. at least her throat can get flavour now & she so enjoys it .. thank goodness: though I have to be extremely careful as it could be disastrous going down the wrong way. Three and a half teaspoons isn't much .. but at least it's something?!

Afterwards I asked if she'd like to see some of the postcards from San Diego .. but I needed to get my glasses .. so I bent down & picked up a tall glass vase, we'd had the daffodils and tulips in, to take it across to my bag & coat, so I wouldn't forget it & to collect my glasses. Mum involuntarily burst into a belly full of laughter .. it wasn't the glass she'd been expecting to see .. & she just thought it was very funny .. and so we had a really good laugh together = good for both of us.

We then had the serious time!! of learning a little about San Diego & its origins .. we both like learning & getting to know different subjects - something that's kept me in good stead .. in that I can provide stimulating snippets of information for Mum to keep her amused & interested. The range of subjects is extremely eclectic! Hilary's Snippets will encompass all sorts of detached fragments of information or knowledge ....

Thank you for listening Mr Postman ..

Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters

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