Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Involvement & communication ... French translation too ..

Dear Mr Postman .. we're so glad you are still delivering letters! This is a sad story .. but shows that continuing contact brings courage and hope from those difficult times ...

Positive letters keep us in touch & continue to provide support .. this is one of those positive stories in times of great sadness ... when my mother was in the Acute Brain Injury Unit .. a young 26 year old French girl was admitted .. & it was really difficult to communicate at the beginning .. as you can understand she was really scared & it showed .. it was too terrible to see.

Her parents came over .. and they couldn't speak English, but by now 'our' youngster was able to write words down & could understand what we were saying .. & could understand our support & 'eyes of encouragement'. I got to know her a little & her parents .. she got a little better and went back to France, sadly by Christmas she had died.

I had written to her for her return & wish her well in her recovery .. & she was going to come over and visit me; then I wrote for Christmas 2007. However I got a letter from her parents letting me know that they had lost their daughter .. I wrote back - my Uncle translating it empathetically into French for me! Great what 87 year olds can do .. to help!!

Again this year .. I just dropped a note to say Mum and I remembered them and often talked of our time together in the Acute Brain Injury Unit - I've just had a card from them .... being so appreciative of my connection .. & how they are so happy to hear from us: their elder daughter has just had another son .. & they were saying that S would have loved her new nephew .. and that though they have diffiulty accepting the loss of their daughter, their new grandson is wonderful news.

I'm sure the connection, ongoing support provides them with some solace .. & I know my Mum appreciates being kept involved .. so my communication helps us all .. including my translating Uncle, who loves being included!!

Thank you Mr Postman .. so you see our letters also go overseas .. we do appreciate your service ..

Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters

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